Udaan and Roop: New problems crop for SuKor and Roop

Udaan: Kidnapping twist to break Suraj-Chakor

Suraj and Chakor begin their life of happiness with Anjor and Tejaswini. They spend some good family moments. Chakor plans a day with Anjor. They pick Anjor from the school and come home. Chakor wants Anjor to work hard and study well. She gets busy in looking after Anjor. Anjor updates her day at school to Tejaswini. They share a laugh. A villager comes to haveli and asks about his daughter Tuntun, who went to school with Anjor. Anjor tells the man that Chakor has picked her from school, and she didn’t see Tuntun at the gate. A new problem comes in their life. Suraj and Chakor will deal with child trafficking. They will be facing another evil and start their new battle.

Ishika misunderstands Roop, because of Ranvir. Ranvir tries to befriend Ishika. He tells her that he is her friend and wants to do his duty. He fools Ishika by taking advantage of her sorrow. Roop gets upset thinking about Ishika. He returns home. He doesn’t eat the food and stays lost. Kamla asks him the matter. She asks him to share things with her. He tells her about Ishika. She asks him not to worry, Ishika will soon learn his truth and talk to him. She gives him hope. Shamsher and Ranvir join for breakfast.

Shamsher scolds Roop for misbehaving with Ishika. Kamla and Roop’s sisters know that Roop can never do anything wrong with a girl. Roop faces Shamsher’s anger. He is upset that he is blamed for the mistake which he didn’t take. He gets too stressed and leaves the food. Roop wants to clear Ishika’s misunderstanding.

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