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Tonight On Star… Papa By Chance: Yuvaan fails to get school admission for the kids. The kids get upset. Bela consoles the kids. She tells the kids that everything will get fine with time. Dhoni apologizes to Yuvaan and thinks this happened because of his mistake. Yuvaan tells him that this didn’t happened because of him. He finds a solution and thinks to educate them via online learning. He asks them not to go school and study by laptop. Amrit disagrees with Yuvaan. She tells Yuvaan that school is important for children, parents do a lot to send kids to school, kids learn team work and good qualities. She tells him how Bela has made sacrifices to send her to school. She asks Yuvaan to work hard for the kids’ bright future. Bela asks Yuvaan not to take Amrit seriously. She says Amrit is hot-tempered, she always speaks bitter. Yuvaan tells her that Amrit said right, he has to get the kids’ admission done in some school for their good future.

YRKKH: Big twists with happy and sad moments filled in… Naira begs Kartik to stop the MRI test. She fights with her fears on his insistence. Kartik tells her that he will be with her, he will never leave her. He inspires her to help herself and find ways to fight with inner fears. He tells her about his mother Soumya’s trauma, which traumatized him too. He asks Naira to recollect her ashram days and make her mind ready for the tests. He tells her that person has to find strength within. He helps her relax her mind. He asks Naira to imagine whatever he tells her. He helps her go for the tests. Naira slips in dreams and imagines dancing with Kartik. The families wish that Naira stays fine and strong. They witness Kartik shouldering Naira well. Naira tells him that she will never forget him, she can forgive herself and her dance. She tells Kartik that he is more important than anything. Naira gets strength by Kartik.


Mohit confronts Anika when he catches her romancing Majnu Awara. He asks her how can she cheat Shivay. He scolds her for cheating Shivay and romancing a servant in his absence. Shivay asks Anika to take the accusations light. Mohit takes permission from Bhavya so that he can go for his magic show. Bhavya permits him to go. Mohit tells them that he has to complete his commitments, with or without Nancy. He invites Oberois for his magic show. Anika wishes Shivay was with them. Mohit learns the lawyer has arrived to meet him. He lies to the family and tells them that the lawyer has come for murder related case. He meets the lawyer and gets the good news that he has got his wife’s property finally. He feels glad that his motive is close to be accomplished. He wants to disappear soon and enjoy a new life. Mohit wants Shivay to get arrested and stay in jail. He is sure that Shivay won’t understand his game.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely’s big confession to change lives… Sikandar realizes Lovely’s big cheat and goes to confront her. He wants to hear the truth from her. He thinks Tevar isn’t at fault. Amyra tells Tevar that she wants to thank Sikandar, since they have won today. Tevar finds Kulfi upset. He asks her the reason for her sorrow. She tells him that she is sad that Bappa is leaving. He tells her the significance of the festive. He asks her to be happy as Bappa is taking all their sorrows. Lovely faces Sikandar’s wrath when he asks her about Tevar. He warns her against lying again. Mohendar is happy that Kulfi will soon get her father. He has a belief in Bappa, that Sikandar will find the truth soon. Sikandar tells Lovely that Amyra has found her old phone.

Krishna Chali London: Shukla goes an extra mile to secure Radhe… Shukla surprises Radhe and Krishna. He gets shocked seeing Radhe’s state. Krishna apologizes to him. Shukla gets worried for his son. He breaks down. Radhe consoles his dad. He apologizes for his lie. Shukla gets annoyed with Krishna. She fears his reaction. Shukla reprimands Gajanan for not taking care of Radhe. He gets angry on his sons for blindly following Krishna. He tells them that he isn’t related to Krishna now. He ousts her from the ward, hurting Krishna and Radhe’s heart. Shukla’s wife has no idea about Radhe’s state. Dubey and Bua meet her to know about Krishna. They stay worried about Krishna. Gajanan informs that he is coming back home with Krishna and Radhe. Dubey gets a relief.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan to cause a commotion in Bhalla Family… Ruhi asks Aaliya about her lie. She teases Aaliya about Rohan. Aaliya admits that she lied to meet Rohan. She tells Ruhi that she just wanted to thank Rohan for getting a contract for Romi. Ruhi is happy that Aaliya is moving on. Raman tells the staff that he wants sincerity in work. Ishita gets happy to see Raman back in form. She wants him to resume his normal life. Raman makes her promise that she will go home and not spy on him. He tells her that he is getting distracted. Ishita leaves for home. She hits Rohan’s car and apologizes to him for the damage. Rohan tells her that he doesn’t want any compensation, its fine, such accidents happen. Ishita finds him a nice guy. He drops them home. He learns about Bhallas finding a marriage alliance for their daughter. He thinks Aaliya is their daughter. He likes Ishita’s thinking and wants to know more about the family, who looks genuinely good to him. Mihika sees Rohan and asks about him.

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