Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Shocking!! Prerna concurs to marry Navin

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Shocking!! Prerna concurs to marry Navin… Prerna learns the financial troubles her parents are facing. She gets scared of Mohini, who is capable to ruin them and bring them on roads. Mohini really wants to snatch the roof over head and turn them homeless to pressurize Prerna for accepting Navin’s proposal. Mohini sends the legal notice to Rajesh, and asks him to pay back the loan, else vacate the house. Rajesh and Veena get suffering in Moloy’s absence. Prerna feels helpless on reading the notice. She didn’t imagine Mohini will stoop to this level. Suman asks her to give up and accept Navin’s proposal if she wants to see the family secure. She tells Prerna that even Shekhar can get help in his business if they get related to Mohini.

Prerna gets angered on Navin’s cheap intentions and thinks she should have better stopped him in pandal itself. She feels guilty of taking the matter light. Prerna breaks down and finds just one way out, that’s to accept Navin’s proposal.

She meets Navin to seek his help and get monetary help for saving her parents from Mohini’s wrath. Navin agrees to help her, if she marries him. Prerna gives her word to Navin that she will marry him. She loses her self-esteem and makes a sacrifice to save her family. Prerna returns home and tells the family that she wants to marry Navin to sort out the mess. Rajesh and Veena refuse to accept her madness, and know she is sacrificing her dreams for them. They can’t see Prerna getting married to a cheap old man. Prerna gets rude in anger and asks them to just do her Kanyadaan and get rid of all their problems. She convinces them for her marriage with Navin, and shatters within.

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