Muskaan: Aarti to return in Muskaan’s life

Muskaan: Aarti to return in Muskaan's life

Muskaan: Aarti to return in Muskaan’s life.. Ronak wants to know where does Muskaan live. He follows Muskaan to the place to know her address and family. He finds her very secretive. He thinks to talk to her family and convince them for sending Muskaan to the ramp show. He tells his friend that if he explains Muskaan’s family, they will agree to send Muskaan for the good cause. He has no idea that Muskaan lives in a brothel and has no family. Ronak and his friend get confused when they see Muskaan entering the red light area. They wonder where is she going. Muskaan sees them following and changes her route. She meets Ronak and agrees to do the show, so that he doesn’t chase her family again.

Ronak finally convinces Muskaan to participate in the ramp walk. He tells her that she is pretty like a model, she should be part of the show, so that they can raise more funds for the needy patients fighting with cancer. Muskaan agrees to work with Ronak. They make plans of organizing the ramp show the next day.


They get busy with the preparations, and also come closer. Ronak takes Muskaan to the shopping mall. He asks her to buy some stuff for the little girl, whom they want to help together. Muskaan hides her identity when she sees Tabassum shopping for her birthday. Meanwhile, Aarti plans to return to Muskaan. She has lost her mental balance in the jail, but lives with the hope to meet Muskaan some day. Muskaan thinks Aarti has hatred for her. She has no idea that Aarti is in jail. Muskaan also awaits the day when she would meet her mother. Will Ronak learn about Aarti and Muskaan’s relationship and their connection with the brothel? Keep reading.

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