Ishq SubhanAllah(PicFiction): A rude shock awaits Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah: A rude shock awaits Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah: A rude shock awaits Zara… Ruksar controls her anger to a limit. She tells Zeenat that she will ruin Kabeer and Zara’s lives. Zeenat doesn’t support her. Ruksar plans to do something to reveal the truth to Zara. Zeenat wants Kabeer and Zara to live happily. Ruksar pressurizes Kabeer to tell the truth about their marriage. Zeenat assures Kabeer that she will limit Ruksar. Ruksar arranges her Nikaahnama. She tells Zara that she has got a special gift for her, and will show it to her first. Zara thanks Ruksar for forgetting the past and accepting Kabeer and her relation. Ruksar is sure to shock Zara.

Kabeer waits for his bride. Zeenat gets Zara for the Nikaah. Kabeer gets fainting seeing Zara’s beauty. He tells her that he was waiting for her and plucking the rose petals to pass time. They have cute moments before their wedding.

They happily give their nod for the marriage. Kabeer becomes the Qazi for his own marriage. They accept each other as their life partners. Everyone congratulates them for the Nikaah. Ruksar gets a big shock. Her plan fails, as the Nikaahnama is delivered late. Zara gets emotional and hugs her parents. Kabeer assures them that he will keep Zara happy. Zara will soon learn the truth. Ruksar will bring a storm in their lives.

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