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Jiji Maa: Uttara gets angry on Piyali for cheating her and planning to marry Suyash. Falguni gets suspicious about Suyash, that he is hiding something. She takes Vidhaan’s help and tells him that Suyash is surely hiding something from them, and its definitely a big thing. Vidhaan wonders why is Suyash so helpless. He thinks if Suyash is really in love with Piyali. Falguni tells him that Suyash can’t be in love with Piyali, he is lying to them, but the truth will be revealed to them some how. She expects to know the matter. Vidhaan assures to help her and forgives her for the past mistakes.

Mariam Khan:
Mariam worries for Majaaz’s injury and tries to encourage him to get up. She asks him not to lose and repeats his words to inspire him. She asks Majaaz not to give up. She gets praying that some angel comes to help. She finds a procession passing and rushes to take their help. Mariam succeeds to get help for Majaaz. She gets Majaaz treated so that they can go to their home country.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa wedding to finally complete… Naira keeps falling down and always make excuses so that her family doesn’t get upset for her. She hides her condition and lies to them. Kartik smiles on her jokes. The family members also understand that Naira is suffering. Kartik too understands her sorrow hidden behind smile and smiles so that she stays satisfied. The family members want to shower all the love and blessings on Kartik and Naira, who are much special to them. They want them to live happy. They don’t want them to bear more problems in life. Kartik and Naira relive their marriage moments, by repeating everything. Naira continues to get dizzy. Naksh and Kirti have an argument, and lighten the moment. Manish informs Naitik about the doctor’s non availability. Naitik gets stressed.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Looped drama to add up confusion… Sattu reveals to Sikandar about the father of Kulfi. He hides about Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation once again. He indirectly tells Sikandar about him, but Sikandar doesn’t understand it. Sikandar gets too disturbed. Sattu accepts Tevar as Kulfi’s father. The mystery still retains by Sikandar’s calm reaction back at home. Cutie asks Amyra not to tell Kulfi about Nihalo. Nihalo doesn’t read Gunjan’s written note. She asks Cutie to check it. Cutie understands Gunjan’s note and hides it. Mohendar spends time with Kulfi. Kulfi gets the same note, but fails to read the message written. Amyra tells Lovely that she has enjoyed a lot with Kulfi. Lovely stays stressed about Sikandar. She doesn’t want him to know the truth. Kulfi plays the slides on the projector. No one sees Gunjan’s message written. Sikandar gets happy meeting Amyra. He gets emotional.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha to instigate Rohan against Bhallas… Raman and Ishita try to talk to Aaliya about Rohan’s alliance. Aaliya finds Rohan and his family good, but can’t be sure about the marriage. She asks Raman and Ishita to take the decision. Raman fears that Mani can get emotional and give a commitment to Rohan. Aaliya tells them that Mani wants her to be happy, but she is happy with them already. She trusts their decision. Rohan learns about Kaushalya’s accident. He learns the matter, that his mom has met Bhallas. He gets mistaken that Raman has insulted his mom. He gets revengeful and tells Mani that he won’t spare Raman for this. He doesn’t want to forgive Raman. He tells that he will ruin Raman. Mani defends Raman. Karan tells them that their mum is really sick. Karan gets rude to Mani and goes to teach a lesson to Raman.

Ishqbaaz: Oberois’ brothers to lose their unity.. Tej informs the family that he is going to London for business work. He asks Shivay to explain them why is he going. Shivay tells them that Tej is going to handle business issues. Dadi permits Tej to leave. Tej asks Omkara and Rudra to finish his shopping, till he wraps up his things. Shivay tells them that he will finish his meetings and come, to see off Tej. Tej gives his things list so that Omkara and Rudra come back late. Omkara and Rudra get emotional thinking their dad is leaving. Anika worries for Shivay. She tries to talk to Shivay. Omkara and Rudra find Anika and Shivay hiding something. Anika calls Shivay and goes to meet him. She tells him that she can sense he is hiding something and dealing with his problems. She gives him a Mauli thread for his safety. She tells him that she is much worried for him and also did a puja for him. Shivay thankfully hugs her.

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