Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: More fears, obstacles and shocks for KaiRa

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: More fears, obstacles and shocks for KaiRa

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: More fears, obstacles and shocks for KaiRa… When Naira suddenly faints, Kartik fears that she might really forget him. He rushes her to the doctor for immediate aid. He tells the doctor that he can’t wait for more time. He asks the doctor to save Naira. He asks Naira to get fine and come back without forgetting anyone. Doctor rushes her for the marriage. The anxiety makes a place in everyone’s mind. Kartik asks Naira to fight with the illness for the sake of their love. He is hopeful that she can’t forget anything. The family feels bad seeing his sorrow. Kartik encourages Naira and waits for the surgery to commence. Manish and Suwarna try to handle Kartik. They tell him that Naira will get fine and come to them, since their blessings and prayers will protect her. Manish asks Kartik to stay hopeful and not let the fears overcome him.

Dadi tells him that Naira will never forget him. Everyone vows to remind Naira and not let her forget anything. Suwarna tells Kartik that their love is too strong to be forgotten. They ask Kartik to believe in his love. They suggest Kartik to start his love story if she forgets him. They don’t want Kartik to lose this way. Manish tells Kartik that they have to be strong to give strength to Naira, if he breaks this way, how will he be with Naira in such a tough time. Doctor meets Kartik and tells him that he can have the hopes, but not expect a lot. He tells them that the surgeon didn’t arrive, and the city is having many protests. He tells about the attacks on major private hospitals. He wants to finish the surgery on time, even if the surgeon didn’t come.

He asks them to try their best and let the surgery happen without any obstacles and interruptions. Kartik assures him that he will handle everything. He asks doctor to save Naira. Doctor gets stressed as well. He starts the surgical process to cure her blood clot in the brain. Kartik wants Naira to return to him soon. Manish tries to use his influence to stop the protests. Naksh tells them that he will go out and see the people. Manish doesn’t want Naksh to get hurt. Kartik wants Naira to fight back with the problems. He feels their love is lucky and will ave Naira. Dadi and Bhabhimaa focus on their prayers and wish for Naira’s long life. Manish and Naitik fail to connect to ministers and police commissioner. The protesters try to invade the hospital. Kartik sits praying for Naira. Singhanias and Goenkas deal with the protesters, while Naira gets critical during the surgery. The power outage adds up to their troubles.

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