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Tonight On Star Plus… Ishqbaaz: Shivay to witness division of Oberoi Family… Anika talks to Shivay and tries to calm his pain. She has been his only strength while he served the five year term. She gets happy that he is coming home with her. He tells her that he has no home. She tells him that Oberoi family belongs to him. He doesn’t think that anyone in the family loves him. He fears of his brothers’ rejection. She asks him to forget everything. He doesn’t think Dadi, Jhanvi and his brothers can forget Tej’s death and forgive him. She asks him to face the family, without whom he can’t live. He feels he really deserves the punishment for killing Tej. She tells him that he has already faced the punishment, and need not punish himself more. She feels he can’t return with ease, but he has to be strong. She motivates him to join back the family, promising that she will always be with him to counter the obstacles. They together makes wishes in the church.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: High octane drama to affect Naira’s surgery… Naira’s surgery goes on inside the operation theatre. Naitik doesn’t want anyone to pose obstacles in the surgery. They stop the people from protest. Singhanias and Goenkas men face the protest and scold the people for risking the patients’ lives. They ask the protestors not to punish the patients for any reason. They try to explain that they shouldn’t get violent, since that can solve any problem. Kartik learns about the protesters. He finds his family men stopping the protesters. The guard locks the hospital gates. The protesters come with another way to trouble them. They cut the power line and ask the doctors if they can continue the treatment without power.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar plans a surprise for Tevar-Kulfi.. Tevar tells Sikandar that he just wants Kulfi’s happiness. He is ready to forget Lovely’s cheat. He is happy that Kulfi is his only child, the sign of his first true love. Sikandar feels sorry that he is also cheating Tevar. He gets in a dilemma. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth to Tevar. He doesn’t think he can explain these complicated relations to Amyra. Lovely prays that Sikandar doesn’t reveal the truth to Tevar. Tevar opens up his heart for Sikandar. He tells Sikandar that Kulfi has made the family drawing, and also made the relations by heart. He tells him that true relations are made by heart than blood line. Sikandar also loves Amyra a lot. He feels Tevar also loves Kulfi a lot. He decides to accept Tevar as Kulfi’s father.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha to strike at Bhallas’ happiness.. Ishita rejoices when she sees Raman walking on his own. The family too gets surprised with Raman’s recovery. They get angered on Rohan, seeing Ishita hurt. Ishita stops them and tells them that Rohan has helped Raman recover. She reveals her plan that she has made with Rohan. Bhallas elders return home and find Raman on his feet again. They get happy and feel their prayers are answered. Raman’s recovery comes as a big surprise for everyone. Ishita reveals how she has found Rohan near the house and learnt about his anger on Raman. She has told him just to drop his revenge. She asked him not to take any step in anger, for which he regrets all his life. She stopped his life from getting ruined. She directed him and told him that maybe Raman will recover by his move. She took Rohan’s help to make Raman fine.

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla’s wife feels sorry for Krishna. Krishna asks her to take care of herself and Radhe. She gets emotional to part ways with Radhe’s family. Shukla family gets the order of Navratri pandal arrangements. Shukla makes his family participate well. Radhe stays in pain, but attends his family. They welcome the Goddess by performing. Shukla wants Radhe to stay happy now, since he has given up his unwanted marriage. He asks Radhe to value his freedom. He doesn’t see Radhe’s sorrow. He asks Radhe to play the drums. Lali can’t see Radhe’s pain and calls up Krishna at the same event, with a hope that she can stop Krishna.

Krishna’s memories trouble Radhe more. He feels sorrowful and throws sindoor, which falls over Krishna. Radhe and Krishna see Lali falling unwell suddenly. Krishna attends Lali. Radhe stops Krishna from meeting Lali. Gajanan worries for his wife. Shukla wants to know who has invited Krishna in the pandal. Radhe tells him that he didn’t invite Krishna. Krishna asks them to take Lali to the hospital. Shukla asks her not to interfere in the matter. Krishna asks Dubey to check up Lali once. Lali tells Gajanan that she had called Krishna for Radhe’s sake. Radhe doesn’t think there is any hope left in his marriage. Krishna prepares to go to London. Lali wants them to patch up by getting rid of their ego.

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