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Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

Top Telly Spoilers of the Day.. Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Mohini gets angered that Anurag is in lockup because of Prerna’s stupid plan. She gets answerable to Kirti’s mother. She vents out her frustration on Prerna and her parents. Moloy stops her from insulting Rajesh. He finds Mohini blaming Prerna for everything. Mohini calls Prerna unlucky for the family. Moloy asks her to then cancel Prerna’s entry in the family by calling off Navin and Prerna’s marriage, if she really thinks Prerna is bad news for them. He challenges Mohini if she can convince her brother for breaking the marriage. Mohini angrily accepts the challenge and tells him that she won’t let Navin and Prerna’s marriage happen. Navin is cheating Mohini as well. Mohini has no idea about Navin’s ugly truth.

Rajeshwari’s son advises her not to kill Suraj and Chakor, if she can get them in control by instilling her fear. Rajeshwari sends her goons to threaten Suraj and Chakor, so that they get the FIR back. Suraj and Chakor face their threatening and save Anjor’s life from danger once again. Suraj chases Bacha Pandey, finding him outside the house. Bacha Pandey traps him in the plan and scares him by making him meet death. Suraj gets saved by the deadly accident. He realizes Rajeshwari’s attempts to scare him and break his courage. Suraj and Chakor stay determined, and want to answer back Rajeshwari in the same way. Suraj gears up to use all his powers against the evil.

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Anarkali and Salim exchange letters. Salim has no one in his life, except Anarkali. Anarkali cheers him everytime by her poetic words. Salim is upset with Akbar. He turns down Akbar’s command. He refuses to return to the palace. Jodha gets too upset with Salim’s denial. She leaves all the hopes that he will come back. Jodha leaves the palace and tells Akbar that she will live in the temple and only return to the palace when Salim returns. Jodha stays in the temple, while Akbar turns helpless. Jodha’s health begins to get worse. Anarkali worries for Jodha. She informs Salim about Jodha’s condition and asks him to return to the province soon. Salim loves Jodha a lot and plans his return for her sake. Jodha meets her son after twelve long years.

Perfect Pati:
Pushkar gets angry on Vidhi when she cries after Bidaai. He scolds her for mourning over the marriage, as if he doesn’t matter to her. He asks her if she can’t respect him and their marriage, then he will drop her to the family. He gets threatening her, which shocks her. She then feels she is wrong and apologizes to him. Pushkar then takes Vidhi home. Rajshri does their Grahpravesh. Vidhi gets much happy. Pushkar gets Vidhi’s luggage thrown out, so that he controls her life. He wants to change Vidhi’s entire life. Pushkar shows his true colours to Vidhi. Pushkar breaks Vidhi’s laptop, so that she doesn’t write any blogs again. He wants his wife to become perfect for him, the way he wants.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara hires a criminal and invites him home so that she can teach a lesson to Piyali. She wants to hit at Piyali’s weakness and control her, so that Piyali doesn’t rebel against her. Falguni knows that Suyash just loves her, and is doing this for some big reason. She wants to dig out the reason so that she can help Suyash. She loves Suyash a lot and identifies the pain in his eyes. Suyash and Piyali get ready for their engagement. Falguni also gets the sindoor rasam in the ceremony. Suyash unknowingly fills Falguni’s hairline by sindoor. Pandit tells Suyash that its a sign that they both are meant for each other. Piyali turns jealous, even when she didn’t plan to marry Suyash. Suyash and Falguni have a moment.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna signs the divorce papers with a heavy heart. Dubey sends the papers back to Radhe. Radhe feels he has lost Krishna forever. He has taken this step just to support Krishna’s London dreams. He doesn’t want to become a hurdle for Krishna. He recollects when Krishna has mentioned their relation as a cage for her. He feels he has done the right thing to release her from the suffocating cage. Krishna and Radhe part ways, and live in pain. Lali can’t see Radhe in so much pain. She worries that Radhe can end up hurting himself. She calls up Krishna, when Krishna proceeds for achieving her London dreams. Lali asks her to meet Radhe once. Krishna accepts Lali’s request and comes to meet Radhe. Radhe and Krishna share a Sindoor moment unknowingly.

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