Bepannaah: REVEALED New enemy to strike Aditya-Zoya’s lives

Bepannaah to go off-air; Farewell to Aditya-Zoya

Bepannaah: REVEALED New enemy to strike Aditya-Zoya’s lives… Zoya sees her enemy, paying some money to a goon for adding poison in prasad, and also ruining Zoya’s Mu Dikhai. The woman wants to break Aditya and Zoya’s relation. Zoya tries to follow her. She suspects her to be Anjana. Zoya gets misled after hearing the crime confession. The enemy turns out to be Sakshi. Sakshi frames Anjana in her plans. Zoya gets troubled thinking of the past attacks on Aditya and her. Zoya recollects Anjana’s hatred for her. She gets hints and tries to join the dots to realize truth. She concludes that Anjana is her secret enemy. Zoya goes on to confront Anjana for adding poison in the prasad, and risking her own son’s life as well. She finds the poison bottle in Anjana’s room.

Zoya confronts Anjana for stooping so low and risking lives of so many people. Aditya gets upset with Zoya for accusing his mother. He tells Zoya that they all know Anjana very well and trust her, she can never do wrong with anyone.

He says even if my mother hates you, she can’t risk anyone’s life by such a plan. Anjana gets worried by Zoya’s blames. Zoya swears to Aditya that she has gathered evidences against Anjana and each of her word is true. Zoya doesn’t know that someone is misleading her and framing Anjana by planting fake evidences. Aditya has much belief in Anjana, since she has accepted Zoya in the family. Anjana loves Aditya a lot, though she dislikes Zoya. Anjana counters Zoya’s blames and defends herself. Sakshi will be soon entering Zoya’s life again to trouble her more. Sakshi has always loved Aditya as her own son. Sakshi will now turn negative and bring trouble for Aditya and Zoya. Sakshi challenges Zoya that she will ruin Aditya’s life. There will be a molestation blame on Aditya during Navratri Dandiya event. Zoya shows her belief in Aditya and opposes the girl for the dirty blame. Aditya gets Zoya’s support. Zoya wants her love to win.

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