Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag’s love confession for Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Bajaj entry to happen next

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag’s love confession for Prerna… Mohini gets happy with Navin that he got Anurag and Prerna bailed out. She grants him a wish. Navin takes advantage of the situation and prepones the marriage. He asks Mohini to throw a grand engagement party for him and Prerna. Mohini fulfills his wish and starts preparing for his engagement. Navin wants to hurry up and marry Prerna to fulfill his evil intentions. Prerna attends her college. Navin calls her for coming in the party on time. Prerna feels trapped. She sheds tears in the ladies washroom. Anurag happens to hear Prerna’s cry and confession over her problems. Prerna deals with her life’s problems without telling anyone. She wants to stay strong.

Anurag understands her emotional state that she isn’t happy with the engagement. He tries to pacify Prerna and asks her to share her feelings with him to lighten her heart. She tells him that everyone hates her, her family is also against her, and there is no one to count on.

He connects with her pain. He consoles her and also admits love for her to stop her from crying. Anurag tells her that he loves her a lot, even if the world is against her, he will stand by her always. He becomes a pillar of strength for her, as a friend. He handles the matter and gets Prerna into comfort zone, so that she can tell the reason behind the unwanted marriage. He tells Prerna that he has understood everything by her words and also by her silence. Anurag wants to stop the engagement and marriage.

Navin thanks Mohini for supporting him. Mohini makes Prerna try costly sarees. Mohini asks Prerna to express her wishes. Prerna gets attracted towards Anurag, because of his goodness. She just looks at Anurag. She gets impressed seeing Anurag’s bonding with his mother and sisters. Anurag gives respect to everyone and is protective about family. Prerna really finds him a nice guy. Mohini wants Anurag to become part of family celebrations. Moloy gets happy seeing Anurag and Prerna’s chemistry in the engagement party. Anurag stays around Prerna to protect her. Moloy dreams of getting them married. Will Anurag succeed in stopping Prerna’s marriage? Keep reading.

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