Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra to humiliate Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Dadi's past relationship comes into picture

Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra to humiliate Shivay… Anika wants Shivay to deliver the speech. She tries to convince him by an emotional blackmail. She tells him that he doesn’t listen to her ever. He feels bad that he isn’t living up to her expectations. Anika asks her to face the world, rather than caging himself. He agrees to attend the event for a short time. She gets his suit and tells him that she has taken the decision to dump his old clothes. She gives him the suit and asks him to get dressed soon. The suit reminds Shivay of the day when he shot Tej to death. He slips in trauma and acts in a fit of rage. He tells Anika that he won’t come in the event. She asks him not to wear the suit, but attend the event. She helps him in dressing up.

Shivay gets Anika’s touch and likes his look. They get a cute moment. Anika tells him that he is looking amazing. She asks him not to worry and come with her. Dadi blesses Omkara and Rudra, and supports them. She tells them that she will always be there with them. Omkara gets thankful to her. The media questions them about Shivay. They ask Shivay if he will deliver the speech like before. They ask Oberois if Shivay will handle the company again. Shivay can’t face the media. He prefers to leave. Rudra doesn’t think Shivay needs to give any speech. Dadi gives the speech in the event and also mentions Shivay’s name, which pleases Shivay. Dadi then gives the credit to Omkara and Rudra. She thanks everyone for becoming part of their happiness and success. Anika asks Shivay to go on the stage and take his new status.

Shivay doesn’t think he holds the same identity now. Omkara calls upon Rudra for giving the founders’ day speech. They find Rudra missing and wonder where is he. Shivay asks Anika where is Rudra, why is the media troubling Dadi. Anika asks Shivay to handle the matter and give the speech to shut them up. Shivay takes a step and answers the media. He goes on the stage for the family respect once again. He tells them that he will give the speech. He also takes Dadi’s blessings. Shivay and Anika get happy when Dadi melts her heart. Shivay goes on to give the speech, when his brothers are away. Anika wants Shivay to be strong. Shivay faces a big hurdle when Omkara and Rudra block him from giving the speech. Shivay faces the humiliation again. Rudra tells the media that Shivay won’t represent the family, they don’t want to lose their dignity by involving Shivay. Shivay’s trauma gets higher.

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