Yeh Rishta: Akhilesh to keep a worse condition


Yeh Rishta: Akhilesh to keep a worse condition.. Akhilesh doesn’t deter from his move, even after seeing many bad omens. Surekha tries to convince him for not asking for the house and property division. Akhilesh feels like an undervalued person in the family. His frustration gets higher in the havan, when Kartik and Naira steal all the limelight. Kartik tells Manish about the gift for Akhilesh. He wants to surprise Akhilesh and give him the ultimate happiness. Naitik gets happy that Naira has settled well with Kartik. Rajshri tells Naksh that Kartik will manage everything, he will look after Naira well. Naitik asks them not to get emotional, and just celebrate happiness. Naira tells Kartik that Akhilesh will be super happy when he gets the surprise. Kartik and Naira romance. They wait for Akhilesh. Lav and Kush plan a small skit and copy Manish and Akhilesh.

They bring happiness in the happiness by the skit. Akhilesh gets angered by the drama, where he feels insulted by Manish. Manish too wonders if his behavior hurts Akhilesh always. Akhilesh stops the kids and reacts angrily. Akhilesh wants to get some of the attention and respect in the family. He tells Manish that he is fed up of working like a peon for him. Manish and everyone get worried.

Akhilesh tells the family that he has tolerated enough since many decades, and now he wants his share in Goenka business and property. He shockingly asks for the house division as well, which no one expected to happen. Naira asks Akhilesh if he is joking with them. Kartik also feels Akhilesh is playing some prank. Manish shatters with his brother’s anger. Akhilesh tells them that he isn’t joking with them, he has become a joke for them. He doesn’t want Manish to control him further. Kartik and Naira ask him the reason for speaking bitter. Akhilesh asks them to go to their room, since he has to talk to Manish. Naira gets sorrow after the havan. She reminds Akhilesh his promise. Kartik asks Akhilesh to calm down. Naksh and Kirti also visit Goenka house. They talk about Akhilesh’s supportive talk. Kartik and Kirti regard Akhilesh as their father.

Naira begs Akhilesh to stop this discussion. Akhilesh asks her not to interfere in his fight, he can fight his own battle. Naksh and Kirti also witness the tension. They feel bad for Goenka family division. Akhilesh doesn’t want younger ones to explain her. He apologizes to talk to Naira rudely. Kartik wants to sort the issues. Goenka family witnesses a break down, while Akhilesh gets stubborn for his demands to get fulfilled. Manish and Dadi try hard to explain Akhilesh about his wrong demand.

Manish asks Akhilesh when did the problems get so higher for them. He asks Akhilesh to speak up his frustration. Akhilesh complains about Manish. Manish doesn’t want to divide the family further, like he has done in the past. Manish realizes that their another brother, a member of Goenka family is creating a rift between Akhilesh and him now. Dadi had ousted her son owing to the differences in the family. Dadi regrets for the house’s situation and problems. Kartik and Naira promise Dadi that they will handle even worse situations. Akhilesh keeps a big condition in front of the family. Naira collapses by the huge tension in the family. Everyone in the family worries for Naira. Even Naksh didn’t imagine such tension to affect Naira on the first day of her entry in Goenka house. Kartik fails to handle the matter. Will Goenkas give up their relation with Akhilesh and divide the family? Keep reading.

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