Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi feels betrayed by Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi feels betrayed by Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi feels betrayed by Sikandar… Kulfi gets doubtful that Tevar isn’t her father. They return home. Kulfi stays disturbed and gets away from Tevar. She wonders why did Sikandar lie to her about Tevar. Tevar asks her the reason for her tension, why is she behaving strange. Kulfi hides the matter from him. Sikandar and Amyra come home and face Lovely’s questions. Amyra wants to share everything. Sikandar asks her to sleep for a while, since she is tired. Kulfi gets crying and wants to know the truth. She decides to find the truth. She sneaks out to talk to Sikandar. She wants to confront him for lying to her about Tevar. She meets Sikandar and tells her that she needs to talk to him. Tevar finds Kulfi gone. She asks Sikandar if Tevar isn’t her father. Tevar looks for Kulfi. He comes across Lovely. They both get into an argument. He wants her out of his house. She wants to request him about lying to Sikandar.

Kulfi makes Sikandar promise that he will just tell her the truth. Sikandar promises her. She shows him the chit and asks him if this is the truth. Sikandar tells her that he knows this truth, he has lied to her as he has failed to find her real father. She gets angry on him for hiding the truth from her. She criticizes Sikandar for cheating her. She breaks down as she had much belief in him. They both break down. He tells her that Tevar loves her from heart, and relations don’t depend just on blood line. She can’t believe that Sikandar lied to him, when she trusted him the most in her life. He explains her that he has found the middle way to get rid of the problems. She feels he has done wrong. Tevar has no time for Lovely. Sikandar can’t explain his helplessness to Kulfi. He has no answers to give her. He can’t tell her Lovely’s lie. Lovely reprimands Tevar.

She asks him why is he creating problems for her marriage. She tells him that he still wants her in life. He tells her that he won’t get trapped by her now. He criticizes her for not loving Amyra and Kulfi equally. He tells her that Sikandar and Amyra are Kulfi’s well wishers. He doesn’t want to listen to Lovely. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he wanted her to get a good life. Kulfi tells him that his lie can’t make him her real father. He asks her to think of Tevar’s goodness. Lovely warns Tevar against creating problems in her family. She asks him to stay away from her.

Tevar tells her that she is bad-hearted, a total liar. He scolds her for ruining his life. He tells her that one day her family will leave her. Sikandar bears Kulfi’s anger. He asks Kulfi to accept Tevar as her father. She tells him that she has accepted Tevar just on his saying. She wants his real father with her. He understands her pain. She feels betrayed by Sikandar. Kulfi reveals the shocking truth to Tevar also. She tells him that he isn’t her dad.

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