Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take desperate measures

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take desperate measures

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take desperate measures.. Raman questions Ishita over the stress and problems she is hiding. Everyone in the family feels the same. Ishita tells them that she is stressed for Aaliya’s marriage, she can’t imagine living without Aaliya. Raman tells them that this isn’t a big problem, they can handle this. Ishita manages to end his doubt. She meets Romi and tells him about Sudha’s motives to take over the company. She reveals about her meet with Sudha, where Sudha has shared all her evil intentions. Romi tells her that Sudha has bought majority of the shares from the share holders at a double price, only to control the company. He tells that they can’t buy the shares. Ishita tells him that they can buy the shares by using their savings. She asks him to think of something and make some plan.

Raman finds her missing from the room. He asks her not to take stress about Rohan and Aaliya. He wants her to believe in Rohan. She doesn’t want Sudha to ruin the family business. Romi tries to request the share holder for selling the shares to them, than Sudha. Ishita asks him to stop the share holder from meeting Sudha. Sudha calls up to threaten Ishita. She is determined to ruin Raman.

Ishita asks her to do anything she can, but she won’t be able to take over the company. Ishita asks Romi to fail Sudha’s planning. Pihu refuses to go to school. Ishita vents out anger on her and scolds her. Raman finds Ishita angry on Pihu and tries to sort their issues. Pihu tells him that she wanted to stay back at home and enjoy the family time. He tells her that school shouldn’t be missed, the functions are yet to begin. He convinces her to attend school. Ishita tells Raman that Pihu was misbehaving with her. Raman asks her to handle Pihu with love. He tells Ishita that she needs to end her stress.

He asks her to keep the family stable by being calm. He tells her that they can go for shopping jewelry. She doesn’t want to spend money. She understands his point and wants to manage the family well. She wishes she becomes a strength for them. Aaliya gets happy when Iyers surprise her with gifts. She feels she is very lucky. Romi wants to buy the shares by arranging money. Sudha challenges Ishita to buy the shares if she can. Ishita and Romi try hard to save their company.

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