Bepannaah SHOCKING: Aditya-Zoya’s divorce twist

Bepannaah SHOCKING: Aditya and Zoya's divorce twist

Bepannaah SHOCKING: Aditya and Zoya’s divorce twist Zoya wants to tell Aditya about the mystery enemy, who is almost after their lives. In contrast, Rajveer’s Nani gets happy to know that Zoya and Aditya are distant. She plans to meet Zoya and teach her a lesson. She finds Zoya’s whereabouts and also about her family, so that she can tense Zoya. Meanwhile, Zoya spends time with her family. She tells them that she is much happy with Aditya. She stays tensed regarding the lady’s threatening. Zoya is too happy with Hooda family, but wants to save their happiness too. Furthermore, Zoya wants to reveal the entire matter to Aditya so that they can sort the mess. She knows their relation will turn strong if she stays sincere and open about their secrets.

She has to show Aditya that she has full faith in him. Zoya doesn’t want to lose Aditya for the reason that he loves her a lot. She knows their relation is very important in her life. She also loves him dearly.

Bepannaah SHOCKING Twists

While Zoya receives a beautiful saree from Aditya, her family gets happy for her good marriage. She goes off to meet Aditya and surprise him. She gets positive that she will be soon meeting him. She wants to convey her message to Aditya. Zoya gets panicking when she feels like getting kidnapped by the mysterious lady. It turns out to be Aditya’s surprise for Zoya. Aditya and Zoya meet on their surprise romantic date and spend lovey dovey moments. Finally, their romance will be seen. Karwachauth brings twists in Zoya’s life only because of the hidden enemy targeting them.

Interestingly, Zoya fights with the mystery enemy and proceeds to challenge the lady. She keeps Karwachauth fast for Aditya even when the lady asks her to get distant from Aditya. She wants to give happiness to Aditya. She starts working on her relationship, and follows her mother’s advice. Suddenly, Zoya gets a shocking news. Zoya gets a letter and learns a huge truth. She gets crying and feels lost in the crowd. She gets the blackmailer’s letter, who asks her to leave from Aditya’s life. The blackmailer lady threatens her about killing Wasim. She has kidnapped Wasim only to get Zoya in control.

Bepannaah SHOCKING Twists

The lady knows Zoya really loves her father a lot. She wants Zoya to leave from Aditya’s life, so that she can take revenge on Aditya. The lady sends the divorce papers to Zoya and asks her to sign the papers if she wants to save her dad. The lady starts making Zoya’s life hell. Zoya doesn’t know what does the lady want. Zoya tries to find Wasim and save him. Aditya finds the signed divorce papers and gets into a misunderstanding.

Aditya and Zoya celebrate their first Karwachauth happily. She sights the moon and Aditya’s face. They have a romantic moment. He tells her that she is the moon for him. Aditya breaks her fast by feeding her water. Aditya’s parents also celebrate Karwachauth ceremony. He acts happy in front of his parents and then turns away being upset with Zoya. She also gets away from him. Aditya and Zoya throw attitude and anger at each other due to the misunderstanding.

Aditya and Zoya’s relation will get suffering with the new twist. She acts rude to Aditya and wishes that his love and belief in her stays the same. Consequently, the past of Hooda family will be getting revealed. Also, the motives of revenge of the mystery woman will be certainly known to Zoya. Can Zoya handle the tough contender? Keep reading.

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