Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A resentful rift between Raman-Ishita


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A resentful rift between Raman-Ishita… Raman and Ishita celebrate Aaliya’s haldi in a grand way. Raman turns egoistic and keeps Ishita at bay. He doesn’t want Ishita to interfere in his planning. He has planned lavish functions for Rohan and Aaliya’s marriage. Ishita fears that Raman may fall in trouble by his overconfidence and impulsive planning. Rohan and Aaliya get happy to get the haldi applies. The function gets merrier when Ruhi and others pull the love birds’ leg. Rohan and Aaliya get happy to start their new life together.

After the haldi ceremony, Aaliya arrives for the mehendi ceremony. Bhallas give a warm welcome to Rohan and his family. Bhallas get happiness after a long time. The family celebrates and dances with the groom and bride. Everyone is happy for Aaliya. Aaliya’s marriage gets a twist. Raman gets tension due to his financial letdown. He worries to cover up the losses. He wants to clear all the expenses and payments without letting anyone know about it. Ruhi gets Karan’s alliance and turns surprised.

She develops feelings for Karan, but isn’t sure that she can go ahead for marriage. She doesn’t want to hurt Karan by failing in his expectations. Ruhi takes time to decide about the alliance.

A twist comes when Ruhi suddenly leaves from the mehendi function. Raman and entire family get worried by Ruhi’s reaction on the alliance. Ruhi agrees to marry Karan. Kaushalya wishes Rohan-Aaliya and Karan-Ruhi marriages to happen in the same mandap. Kaushalya wants Raman and Ishita to keep both marriages together. Raman and Ishita get worried for the financial planning, since they wanted to do Ruhi’s marriage lavishly too. Raman wants to fulfill many dreams in Ruhi’s marriage. He feels sad to have a letdown that’s wiping his peace.

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