TRending: What shocks Anika; Komolika’s entry


Shivay’s behavior shocks Anika in Ishqbaaz
Shivay gets his old confidence and courage. He makes a new start after learning the company’s bad state. He learns that nobody wants to work with his brothers. Everyone wants Shivay back in the company. He changes himself and gets rid of his trauma. Shivay tells Omkara and Rudra that he feels he should take the company control in his hands again. He becomes the old Shivay once again. He gets dressed up and meets the clients. He wants to get big deals for the company. He wants to keep their personal issues aside. He tells them that he will run the company their way. Shivay tells them that he has kept a board meeting, he will now lead the company and he has to declare to everyone that he is back.

He asks them to come in the meeting on time. He surprises everyone with his confidence. Shivay turns SSO again. This shocks Anika. She can’t believe that he has suddenly changed without any reason. Shivay has overheard his brothers’ problems and stepped in to solve them. Anika gets worried and wonders the reason behind his change. She feels something is fishy. She tells Gauri and Bhavya that something is definitely wrong, how can someone change overnight. She feels Shivay is hiding something from her.

Finally, Komolika enters in Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Navin and Prerna are getting engaged. Prerna is sacrificing her happiness for the sake of her family. Navin feels his dreams are close to turn true. He will be soon marrying Prerna. Navin gets costly gifts for Prerna and her family. Prerna doesn’t get happy seeing the gifts. She just wants her family to be happy. She feels she should refuse for the marriage. Her heart keeps stopping her from the marriage. Komolika’s entry happens in the engagement party. Mohini gets super impressed with Komolika, who leaves everyone stunned by her entry.

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