Aapke Aa Jane Se: Badi Amma triggers Bhoomi’s hatred

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika tries to revive Sahil's memory

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Badi Amma triggers Bhoomi’s hatred… Bhoomi learns about Vedika and Sahil’s marriage. She turns angry on Vedika. Bhoomi gets drunk. She creates a scene and fights with Vedika. She insults Vedika with her bitter words. Vedika raises hand on her. Sahil stops Bhoomi from hurting Vedika. Bhoomi scolds Vedika for cheating her and snatching her husband. Bhoomi asks Sahil if he is happy with Vedika. She is much hurt and goes on hurting them. She thinks Vedika has convinced Sahil and is playing games. Bhoomi accuses Vedika for ruining her marriage. Bhoomi crosses all limits. Badi Amma supports Bhoomi. She takes Bhoomi with her. She tells Sahil that Bhoomi isn’t wrong, but Vedika is responsible for this. Badi Amma has plotted this drama.

Badi Amma succeeds to ruin Vedika’s happiness. Furthermore, Vedika keeps a fast for Sahil. She doesn’t let anyone know it. Vedika gets Sahil’s support when she breaks her fast. They have a dreamy romance. Vedika tells him that she didn’t expect Sahil to come, but he has surprised her. He tells her that he had to complete her puja by breaking her fast. Vedika and Sahil get happy to perform rituals as a married couple. Vedika wishes Sahil’s long life. Sahil lives the moment. He feels his dream has turned true, as he truly loves Vedika. Bhoomi finds them together. She doesn’t see Vedika’s Karwachauth puja. Bhoomi doesn’t realize the truth.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Badi Amma triggers Bhoomi’s hatred

Deepak gets arrested for Vedika’s kidnapping. His crime gets known. Badi Amma slaps him. Puneesh wants to hide his evil truth and hurt Sahil. Sahil gets upset knowing Deepak’s crimes. Gauri wants to protect her daughter. She decides to leave from the house and shift abroad. She feels shattered with Deepak’s deceive. Sahil supports Gauri in her decision. Bhoomi gets jealous when Sahil worries for Vedika. Sahil and the kids pray that they get Vedika soon. Bhoomi isn’t bothered for Vedika. She wants Vedika away from the house. She creates hurdles and stops Vedika and Sahil’s union. She doesn’t let Vedika reach Sahil. Badi Amma supports Bhoomi and asks her to take revenge on Vedika. Bhoomi holds much hatred for Vedika, feeling Vedika is the reason for all the troubles in her life. Badi Amma instigates Bhoomi further.

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