Silsila: Nandini and Mauli’s crumpled Karwachauth


Silsila: Nandini and Mauli’s crumpled Karwachauth … Mauli wants to celebrate Karwachauth happily, since Kunal’s return has brought the happiness back in the family. Dida asks Mauli not to keep the fast and eat food at regular intervals since she is pregnant. Mauli tells Dida that she will be keeping the fast and be thankful that Kunal is back with them. She doesn’t want to make any excuse to skip the fast. She tells that she will be sincerely keeping the fast, since her love for Kunal is true. Mauli gets Sargi from Dida and shows her gratitude. She feels just Dida was the one who didn’t lose hope in the marriage bond and insisted her to keep trying to get Kunal back. She is happy that Dida encouraged her. Kunal learns about Mauli’s Karwachauth.

Silsila track

He wonders what’s Nandini doing. He misses Nandini. He knows Nandini is also keeping a Karwachauth fast for him. Mauli tells Dida that this Karwachauth is very special for her, since she has got Kunal after losing him. She prays that Kunal never away from her. She has almost lost Kunal to Nandini. She doesn’t want her marriage to suffer again. Dida calls the mehendi artists for Mauli. Mauli gets the mehendi design applied. She shows the mehendi to Kunal. Kunal feels strange with the happy ambience.

Mauli tells Dida that she will be completing the fast by following all customs and rituals. Dida and Yamini are happy for Mauli. The elders think the child is connecting Mauli and Kunal. Kunal stays unhappy and goes in his own zone. Mauli shows Kunal’s name in her mehendi. She recollects their sweet memories. The love of Kunal and Mauli gets odd. Mauli reminds Kunal their previous Karwachauth. It gets awkward for Kunal. He feels uneasy and goes away. Mauli also senses his awkwardness and gives him some time. Dida wishes that Mauli’s belief in Kunal is proved right. Kunal still has a hope that he will get Nandini back. Mauli is very happy when she a moment is created between Kunal and her.

Silsila track

In contrast, Nandini sheds tears in memories of Kunal. She has lost Kunal after sacrificing her love. She imagines Kunal with her. Kunal sweetly tells Nandini about keeping a fast for her. Kunal tells Nandini that they both will be keeping fast for each other. He wants to celebrate Karwachauth with Nandini. Nandini gets overjoyed and hugs Kunal happily. She turns sorrowful when her happy dream breaks. Meanwhile, Kunal is with Mauli just for the sake of the coming child. He wants to keep his promise to Nandini. Moreover, he believes he has to respect Nandini’s love and decision. Mauli is on cloud nine that Kunal and she are making a fresh start. She fails to observe Kunal’s sorrow and tears. Kunal hides his tears from Mauli. He also pretends happiness for the sake of family.

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  1. Mauli is an independent woman. She should kick out Kunal . Why does she need a scoundrel like kunal in her life. He doesn’t deserve her. Mauli should take a strong stand. Why is she weeping and pining for a cheap person.
    Mauli is a working woman. She can make a decision and make her life beautiful. Why forgive take back an unwilling husband. He doesn’t know her worth. Why beg him to come back. Mauli has much more self respect and esteem than this.

    • don’t worry somehow,i have feeling that kunal will go to celebrate karwachauth with nandini and mauli will saw it by herself

    • Yes what you said is correct.. But mauli is unable to forget the love of kunal.. If she tries forgetting kunal. Itay fails now because now she is pregnant because of. Kunal. Now it is impossible for her….

  2. Jyoti, when a girl loves someone, she will definately not think about how wrong or ineligible the guy is. Love makes you forgive all bad deeds of ur loved one. Even, it is obvious for Nandini to fall in love with Kunal because she has gone through hell of a time with her husband and when she saw the good and loving side of a relationship, she could not stop herself loving Kunal though she tried much to control herself for sake of her best friend’s happiness.
    What i could not understand is what made Kunal fall in love with Nandini though he already had such loving and devoted wife and such supportive family. I consider Kunal should be held guilty for all wrong things happening.


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