Yeh Rishta Kya: Samarth puts light on Dadi’s dark past

Yeh Rishta Kya: Samarth puts light on Dadi's dark past

Yeh Rishta Kya: Samarth puts light on Dadi’s dark past.. Samarth doesn’t want Akhilesh to get close to Manish and Kartik. Akhilesh risks his life while saving Kartik and Naira. Samarth turns angry seeing Akhilesh’s love for Kartik and Naira. He doesn’t want Akhilesh to have any terms with Goenkas. The family doesn’t realize Akhilesh’s humble deed. Naira gets to see Akhilesh’s helping move. She also wants to acknowledge it. She shares the good news with Kartik. She tells him that Akhilesh has crossed the partition line to save their lives. Kartik turns too happy with the news. Moreover, he tells Naira that they will fight for winning Akhilesh back. Samarth wants to double trouble for Goenkas. Dadi gets happy for Kartik and Naira’s performance and congratulates them.

Yeh Rishta Kya: Samarth puts light on Dadi’s dark past

Akhilesh looks for his phone. Naira picks the phone. She learns about someone’s call. She wonders who is calling Akhilesh so much. She answers Samarth’s call. She fails to know anything. She then sends the phone for Akhilesh. She shares her recent findings with Kartik. Kartik wonders who is Akhilesh’s brother. Samarth timely fills poisons Akhilesh’s mind. Akhilesh gets disappointed with Manish again. He tells Surekha that his brother is coming in the celebrations. He realizes that Manish and Dadi won’t be liking Samarth’s entry. On the other hand, little misunderstandings make place between Naksh and Kirti.

They get upset with each other. Naksh also asks Kartik not to allow any junk food to Naira. He worries for Naira. He asks Kartik to think about Naira’s health complications first. Kartik defends Naira’s willingness. He tells Naksh that he is much worried for Naira too, since she is his life. He asks Naksh not to give stress to them. He clears out that Naksh shouldn’t interfere in between them. Kartik and Naksh’s argument goes on increasing. This worries Suwarna. She doesn’t want more problems in the household. She wishes terms of Singhanias and Goenkas stay fine. Kartik and Naira present a play about Ramayan’s great story. Kartik and Naira try to open Akhilesh’s eyes. They play Ram and Laxman.

Yeh Rishta Kya: Samarth puts light on Dadi’s dark past

Likewise, their dialogues reach Akhilesh’s heart. Kartik wants Manish and Akhilesh’s terms to get fine. The brothers’ unity in the play make everyone emotional. Kartik and Naira pass the social message to everyone about unity, siblings’ love and care. They ask everyone to derive the right meaning from Ramayan, so that their relations can obtain the same sweetness like before. Kartik and Naira ask everyone to end their own evil by burning the Raavan effigy. They describe the bad qualities which they should give up. They want to end their weakness and rectify mistakes.

Manish promises Akhilesh that he will destroy his bad qualities. He doesn’t want any Raavan to affect his family. Samarth feels Manish can never get rid of him. Akhilesh turns bored of the Raavan Daahan. Kartik ends his complaints and performs Raavan Daahan by involving Lav and Kush. Samarth stays backstage and watches the effigy burning. He thinks its time that the Raavan comes in front of the stage. Samarth brings Dadi’s dark past back, only to destroy her happy family.

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