YRKKH: OMG Dadi to take up shocking Mahakaali avatar

Yeh Rishta Dadi predicts the shadow of death over Kirti

YRKKH: OMG Dadi to take up shocking Mahakaali avatar… Dadi will be taking a shocking avatar of MahaKaali. Kartik burns the Raavan effigy. Dadi warns Samarth. She also performs in the festive and gets into an act of MahaKaali Maa. She tells Samarth that she will take Kaali avatar to protect her family. She doesn’t want anyone to cast a bad shadow on her family. She declares that she will ruin anyone who comes as Raavan for her happy family. Dadi expresses her wrath on Samarth. Samarth will be showing his grey shades. He acts good towards the ones he loves. He turns enemy for those whom he hates. Samarth’s multi-dimensional character will be seen.

Samarth opposes Dadi. Dadi picks a trishul and asks Samarth not to dare hurt her family. Samarth has already played his move and sketched the division between Manish and Akhilesh. Samarth wants his revenge on Manish. He holds Manish responsible for snatching his mother and family. Dadi and Manish know the truth of Samarth’s real intentions. They find it hard to explain to the family.

On the other hand, Kartik and Naira dance in the celebrations, and also involve the entire family members. Kartik promises Dadi that he won’t let the family shatter. Akhilesh wants his share in the property. Akhilesh can’t imagine how Samarth is going to play with their lives. Samarth is employing Akhilesh to fulfill his motives. Dadi gears up to tackle down Samarth’s evil. Kartik and Naira become Dadi’s biggest support in this difficult phase.

Snippet from the previous article of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akhilesh gives the honour of performing Raavan Dahan to Kartik, who is like his eldest son. Kartik gets Naira by his side while he burns the Raavan effigy. Akhilesh supports Kartik happily, which infuriates Samarth. Samarth comes face to face with Goenkas to reveal his real motives, that he will be new evil rival in their lives. He declares himself as the Raavan that would shatter the Goenka family. He challenges Kartik and Naira to stop him if they can. Samarth is sure of his rage that would burn the Goenka family’s unity, peace and happiness.

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