Another merger for Udaan and Ishq Mein Marjawa

Reads Ishq Mein Marjawa Jiji Maa

Another merger for Udaan and Ishq Mein Marjawa… It gets painful moment for Chakor and family to see Suraj in deep danger. Chakor can’t imagine her life without Suraj. Suraj wants Chakor and Anjor to live happy together. He mentally prepares to get away from them, just to save their lives. Suraj wants Chakor to look after his family well. He instils hope and confidence in her. Chakor tells him that they will love and die together, she won’t leave him alone in danger ever. Chakor manages to pull away the timer bomb in time. She runs away with the bomb to save Suraj and family. Chakor succeeds in dumping the bomb far and also protecting Suraj. Suraj and Chakor receive a shock when they learn Anjor’s kidnapping news.

Another merger for Udaan and Ishq Mein Marjawa

Chakor and Suraj get invited in a Diwali party at Raichand house. They meet Deep and Aarohi. They learn that Aarohi has good knowledge of herbal medicines. They want to take Aarohi’s help in curing Anjor’s illness. They don’t want to party. They stay in stress over Anjor’s state. Vikram is responsible for Anjor’s state. Suraj and Chakor want to help Anjor. Deep doubts on Manjeet. He wants to know what’s Manjeet up to. Aarohi makes excuses to get saved. Chakor helps out Aarohi in getting her disguise back. Chakor and Aarohi team up. Chakor also believes that Aarohi has a threat from Deep.

Chakor and Suraj have a dance performance, with Deep and Aarohi. They adds colours in the party. Virat invites his special guests Vikram and Rajeshwari in the party. Vikram is Suraj’s big enemy. He doesn’t want Chakor to get any remedy for Anjor’s cure.

Another merger for Udaan and Ishq Mein Marjawa

Deep and Aarohi get into an argument. Aarohi tries to end Deep’s suspicion. Tara keeps an eye on Deep. Deep tells Manjeet that he isn’t interested in her. He comments on her foolish look. Later, Aarohi helps Chakor by giving a solution for Anjor. Chakor and Suraj face Vikram in the party. Chakor is sure that she will fail Vikram and Rajeshwari’s evil plans. The merger of Udaan and Ishq Mein Marjawa brings rocking dance performances and big twists.

Deep was waiting for the chance when he would bring out the truth of Aarohi. Aarohi wants to lay the trap for Deep and make her own rules in her game. She is sure to win over Deep and Tara. Suraj and Chakor want to defeat Rajeshwari, Vikram and Bacha Pandey. Chakor wants to end their evil. How will Chakor expose the evil trio and save Anjor’s life? Will Aarohi learn Deep’s truth? The Colors’ cast will be celebrating Diwali and mark the defeat of evil doers. Keep reading for more.

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