Bepannaah Rajveer to unveil his real motives

Bepannaah Rajveer to unveil his real motives

Bepannaah Rajveer to unveil his real motives… Harsh and Arjun try to defend Anjana in the accident case. Zoya tells them that Anjana has done wrong to hide this truth. She reminds them how Aditya was blamed for this accident. She questions them for their intentions to hide the truth. Aditya tells her that he didn’t know about this before. Zoya can’t take the shocking truth with an understanding. She asks Aditya if he had heard his justification. She stops him from clarifying Anjana’s cheat. She scolds Aditya for cheating her, the same the like Yash and Pooja. She wants to keep her love vows sincerely.

She wishes Aditya to be sincere. Aditya tags her to be insincere. Aditya and Zoya’s arguments worries the family. Anjana reasons out the matter. She keeps her stand. Zoya doesn’t want to judge Anjana. She just wants to know whom will Aditya choose, his mum or the truth. She gets miffed with Aditya.

Bepannaah Rajveer to unveil his real motives

Aditya doesn’t want anything to ruin their happiness. Zoya shocks Aditya by getting Anjana punished for the crime. She wants Anjana’s arrest, while Aditya arranges a bail for Anjana. Rajveer wants to prove that Zoya has married Aditya to take revenge on Hooda family. Zoya convinces Aditya that Rajveer is lying. She tells Aditya that she has married him just because of their love. She is sure that their strong bond of love can never break. Zoya fails Rajveer’s plan by not letting Aditya get instigated.


Aditya and Zoya will be seen celebrating Karwachauth happily with love, while they pretend upset to show the world.

Zoya keeps Karwachauth fast for Aditya. She refuses to love Aditya in front of everyone. She acts to hate Aditya and his family. The truth is she immensely loves Aditya. She is doing this drama to get big answers. Zoya argues with Anjana. She upsets Harsh and Arjun by speaking bitter things. Zoya ignores Aditya intentionally. She then messages him to end her fast some way. She faints down because of the fast. Aditya holds her in time. Aditya shuts down the power line and takes Zoya away with him. They get out of everyone’s sight and celebrate Karwachauth happily.

Aditya and Zoya tackle Rajveer. They want to know the real motives of his revenge. Rajveer and his Nani unveil the real intentions behind their revenge with the Hooda family. Rajveer wants to ruin Harsh and his family happiness completely. How will Aditya and Zoya save the family? Keep reading.

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