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TR’s Quick Reads on Telly Reviews.. Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil gets Vedika freed from kidnappers. Sahil and Vedika bring the truth out and expose Deepak. Sahil gets Deepak arrested. Badi Amma gets into drama mode. She slaps Deepak. She acts as if she isn’t involved in any crime. Badi Amma secures herself first. Vedika threatens of exposing Badi Amma, so that the entire family knows her truth.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Kulfi meets the principal for the school admission entrance test. She tries to impress the principal. Kulfi gets into her cute act. Kulfi sings out her tensions. Tevar is worried for her admission. He watches her drama. Sikandar and Amyra also accompany Kulfi. Sikandar wishes Kulfi gets admission. Amyra changes her mind after knowing truth about Kulfi and Sikandar’s relation truth. Amyra wants to make Kulfi away from Sikandar. Kulfi gets the admission in the school. She had prepared a lot for the entrance test.

Chakor and Suraj get invited in a Diwali party at Raichand house. They meet Deep and Aarohi. They learn that Aarohi has good knowledge of herbal medicines. They want to take Aarohi’s help in curing Anjor’s illness. They don’t want to party. They stay in stress over Anjor’s state. Vikram is responsible for Anjor’s state. Suraj and Chakor want to help Anjor. Deep doubts on Manjeet. He wants to know what’s Manjeet up to. Aarohi makes excuses to get saved. Chakor helps out Aarohi in getting her disguise back. Chakor and Aarohi team up. Chakor also believes that Aarohi has a threat from Deep.

Zoya comes to Aditya’s house with the Police. She says I know that they will flee from here as she sees Aditya carrying Anjana. Aditya says I won’t let my Maa go. Zoya says your mum has confessed to the crime and she is a criminal. Aditya refuses to let Anjana go with the police and says it was an accident. Zoya says court will decide. Inspector tells Harsh that Anjana will be sent to Remand room.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

The principal decides to dismiss Naina from GS post and punish her along with Sameer. Karthik and Sunaina get happy and think they have succeeded to malign their reputation. Munna and Pandit come up with a unique idea to make the guilty confess to their conspiracy. They praise Karthik and Sunaina for their mindb lowing game plan and says you have taught a good lesson to them. Karthik and Sunaina get happy. Sameer is shocked and asks what are you saying? If you have gone mad? Munna says we got our mind now. Pandit says someone said rightly that that wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. Sameer learns about his friend’s backstabbing move.


Ranvir gets angry on Roop for exposing his lie in front of Ishika. Ishika couldn’t bear that Ranvir lied to her, whatever may be the reason. She gets upset with him. Kinjal tells Roop that he did right to expose Ranvir and now Ishika knows his lie. Kamla says Ishika is a girl of self-esteem and truthful and she can’t bear Ranvir’s lie. Kanchan asks Ishika to forgive Roop, but she refuses. Ranvir calls Ishika and tries to talk to her. He says sorry and says I will say you sorry until you forgive me.

Ishika ends the call ignoring his words. Ranvir gets furious and thinks to ruin Roop’s life. Ishika performs in her Sangeet with Roop, when she had to perform with Ranvir. Roop and Ishika enjoy their dance. Ranvir gets irked seeing them. He doesn’t want to let Roop win his love. Ranvir is himself responsible for refusing for the dance. Roop feels lucky to dance with Ishika.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

There is a new Nikaah drama in Kabeer’s house again. Kabeer is marrying Ruksar once again, just to know if she is really in coma or not. He wants Ruksar to speak up when she is asked her consent for marriage. Zeenat decks up Ruksar for the big day. She also wants Ruksar to come out of the coma state. Kabeer and Zara create this big drama. Moreover, they involve the family in their plan. Kabeer fulfills Ruksar’s dream.

He is hopeful that she will end her drama. Kabeer tells Ruksar that he loves her a lot. He also tells that he is marrying her by his wish this time. Zara fixes the cameras there. Zara tells them that Ruksar had just turned when Kabeer went away. She tells Kabeer that Ruksar is doing this drama. Ruksar doesn’t say anything. Zeenat tells her that Kabeer and his family are ready to accept her. Ruksar sits still and fails Zara’s plan.


Ronak takes Muskaan for the Mu-dikhai. Gayatri is happy for Ronak and Muskaan. She performs the rituals. Ronak and Muskaan know that their marriage is fake, but the family believes its true. Gayatri makes Muskaan wear the ancestral jewelry. Sir ji sends some goons, who act as Muskaan’s brothers. The goons oppose Muskaan’s marriage with Ronak and forcibly take her. They get Ronak at gun point. Gayatri gets worried. Ronak tries to handle the matter. Muskaan tells Ronak that the goons aren’t her brothers.

Ronak understands Sir ji’s plans. He stops the goons from taking Muskaan away. He wants Muskaan to remain in the house, so that Sir ji gets exposed. Muskaan enjoys the marriage drama and lives all her dreams. She fears that Gayatri and Dolly will be hurt when the truth comes out. The fake marriage will bring Ronak and Muskaan closer.

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