Ishqbaaz: Karwachauth initiates bigger twists for Shivika

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Ishqbaaz: Karwachauth initiates bigger twists for Shivika… Shivay teaches a lesson to Rudra. Also, he compels Rudra for signing the business deal papers. He shows Rudra his real place. He asks Rudra to remember who is the elder one. He proves his capabilities to Omkara and Rudra again. Shivay tells Rudra that he can leak the company losses reports if he dares oppose him. Rudra throws attitude at him. He asks Shivay why is he blaming him for the losses. Omkara also feels that Rudra has been wrong. He scolds Rudra for getting bad reputation for the family. Shivay asks Rudra to leave the CEO chair if he really loves the company. Shivay asks Rudra to show courage and accept his mistake. He asks Rudra to first be worthy of his post.

Omkara hurriedly signs the papers. He wants Rudra to also think for the company, by keeping his ego aside. Omkara knows very well that just Shivay can save the company from big losses. Anika calls up Shivay and scolds him for disconnecting her calls.

Anika asks Shivay not to throw attitude at her. She knows how to compel him for fulfilling her fast. She tells him that she will leave from the house if he wants, but she has to meet him once. Anika threatens that she will give up her life if he doesn’t come. Shivay gets worried for her. He leaves the meeting for her. He meets Anika at home. He reprimands her for keeping the fast just to trouble her. He vents out anger on Anika.

Omkara gets the shocking news that the under construction building collapsed. He asks Shivay to thank Anika that she called him home and saved his life. Everyone tries to put sense in Shivay, so that he values Karwachauth. Anika prepares to leave the house. She wants to keep his word. Shivay confronts Omkara about doing wrong with Gauri and Anika. He asks him why did he separate the sisters. He acts rude and tries to give some sense back to his brothers. Gauri requests Anika to stay back until she completes her fast. Anika waits for sighting the moon. Shivay realizes that Omkara and Rudra are really good husbands. He finds them gifting jewelry to their wives. He asks Anika not to expect any gift from him.

Anika is satisfied by his presence. Shivay wants Anika to end her fast and have some food. She doesn’t reach him, which worries him further. The other two couples perform Karwachauth puja happily. Anika waits for Shivay and does his puja when he arrives without any compulsion. Anika gets happy.

Moreover, Anika comes with a plan and faints down. Shivay breaks her fast by feeding her water. He gets worried for her well-being. Shivay and Anika share a moment. She knows he loves her and is much caring. She applauds him for being the best husband. She likes him the way he is. He feels its too tough to get rid of her. He wanted to make her away for her safety. He realizes Anika won’t leave from his life. Anika is determined that she will forever be with Shivay. Shivay decides to give divorce to Anika to send her away.

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