Yeh Rishta Tonight: Finally Samarth enters Goenka family

Yeh Rishta Tonight: Finally Samarth enters Goenka family

Yeh Rishta Tonight: Finally Samarth enters Goenka family… Everyone celebrates Dussehra by burning the evil Raavan. Samarth visits the Goenkas. Kartik and Naira get puzzled on seeing him. Samarth has a spark of evil in his eyes. He is the Raavan of the past. He has come back to trigger the fears. He wants to burn everyone’s lives. Manish can’t believe that he is facing Samarth. He tries to keep him away from Dadi’s sight. His entry shocks Dadi and Manish the most. Dadi rushes away from there. She doesn’t want to face Samarth. She knows his intentions are not kind. Kartik and Naira find the family gone. They wonder why everyone left so soon. They come home and find Dadi in much tension. Kartik finds Dadi scared. They try to know the matter.

They see Dadi and Manish in a busy discussion. Akhilesh gets Samarth home. Samarth planned his entry in the house, just like he visited the family at the pandal. He acts humble and good in front of Akhilesh. He tells Akhilesh that he doesn’t want to upset anyone.

Yeh Rishta Tonight: Finally Samarth enters Goenka family

Samarth tells Akhilesh that this house belongs to him too. He feels he was ousted from the house, and now he will snatch the house from everyone. Before Kartik and Naira could find out the matter, Dadi learns that some guests have come. Naksh stays disturbed and vents anger. Kirti asks him the matter. He apologizes to her.

Dadi and Manish get displeased with the uninvited guests. Samarth’s entry leads to a power outage. Dadi was fearing for the bad omen turning true. She can’t believe that Akhilesh got Samarth home. Manish tries to calm down Dadi. The family observes Dadi’s panicking state. She recollects how she had ousted Samarth from the house to punish him for incurring big loss in the family. Samarth crosses the partition and meets Dadi. He greets Dadi with much respect. Dadi can’t help, but bless him. Samarth tells them that Suhasini Goenka is his aunt, whom he loved dearly. Kartik thinks the truth is something else. Samarth wishes that nobody forgets him ever. Dadi and Manish try to act normal. Kartik realizes that things aren’t fine between Manish and Samarth. Samarth blesses the children.

Kartik and Naira realize that Samarth is the one who was in touch with Akhilesh since long time. They wonder if Samarth has instigated Akhilesh for the house division. Suwarna questions Manish about concealing about his brother. Manish doesn’t feel he has to tell them anything about Samarth and his family.

Yeh Rishta Tonight: Finally Samarth enters Goenka family

He tells Kartik that they never met because of the family issues. Kartik finds it really strange. Manish tries to hide the unfortunate past. He feels strange that Samarth came home suddenly. Kartik tells them that Akhilesh has got Samarth home, and maybe they need to ask him. Kartik tells Naira that Dadi can tell them about the past. He feels the families had some property issues in the past. He asks Naira not to overthink. Kartik and Naira have cute moments. She turns disappointed with him, when he turns down her romantic move. Kartik feels he has got too busy in family matters, and didn’t impress his wife yet. Kartik decides to plan a romantic date for Naira. Samarth helps Akhilesh open his own company, so that Akhilesh and Manish part ways completely.

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