Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely poisons Amyra’s mind

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely poisons Amyra's mind

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely poisons Amyra’s mind… Kulfi gets excited to go to school. She tells him that she will read everything on her own when she studies in the school. She says nobody can lie to me next time. Tevar asks her who has lied to her. She changes the topic. She tells him that she will talk to everyone in English. She plans to meet her uncle. Sikandar asks Amyra to get ready for school. He wishes that they go to school as sisters. Amyra tells him that Kulfi can just be her friend, not sister.

Sikandar recollects some good memories of Chirauli and Nimrat. Amyra turns upset. He asks her to get ready fast. He prepares her for school. He tells her that he has packed tiffin for Kulfi as well. Amyra gets disappointed. Tevar makes Kulfi ready for the school. He combs her hair. She gets dressed in the uniform. She sings all the while.

Lovely stops Amyra from telling anything to Sikandar. Tevar calls Kulfi his smart daughter. Sikandar answers Amyra. Lovely finds Amyra upset. She stops Sikandar from talking to Amyra, so that she can fill poison in her mind against Kulfi.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely poisons Amyra’s mind

Amyra doesn’t want to lose a good friend. She recollects the fun time with Kulfi. Amyra shares her sorrow with Lovely. She doesn’t want Sikandar to become Kulfi’s dad. Lovely explains her that she would have to hide this truth. She tells her that they will try to make Kulfi away, so that Sikandar doesn’t bond with her. Lovely makes Amyra afraid and insecure of Kulfi.

She gets praising Kulfi to anger Amyra more. She asks Amyra to oppose Kulfi’s admission, else there will be just comparison made between them. Kulfi waits for Amyra. She gets emotional. Lovely asks Amyra to stop Kulfi’s school admission. She guides Amyra. Sikandar and Tevar take the girls to school. Kulfi gets confident, when Amyra tries to lower her morale. Sikandar boosts her morale. Amyra makes a plan to fail Kulfi’s admission. She frames Kulfi in a cheating case. Sikandar and Tevar defend Kulfi so that she gets admission.

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