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High Five Spoilers Ishqbaaz:
Shivay gets scared of darkness once again in his office cabin. The door gets locked by mistake. He gets worried. Omkara comes on right time and manages the situation. He wants some answers regarding Shivay’s mental state. Shivay prefers to keep numb and covers up his depression to the extent he can. He doesn’t want to express his pain to his loved ones. Later on, Shivay shocks Anika with the divorce papers. Anika gets heartbroken when the Karwachauth gift brings the divorce twist out. Anika refuses to divorce Shivay. He gets more stubborn than him. He wants to distance her at any cost.


Anjana gets more against Zoya after the jail visit. Aditya wants to keep his family united. He knows the fact that Zoya can never commit a mistake, even by mistake. Aditya and Zoya stay distant in front of everyone. They pull off a drama and ignore each other. They seem like enemies. They hide from everyone by taking advantage of the darkness. They fulfill the Karwachauth rituals in a sweet filmi way.


Gayatri makes a surprise honeymoon plan for Ronak and Muskaan. This shocks Ronak. Ronak agrees for the honeymoon, so that Sir ji stops him. He tells Muskaan that he loves her a lot. He asks Sir ji to stop him if he can. He wants Sir ji to admit the truth to Gayatri and family. Muskaan feels uncomfortable with Ronak’s romance gestures. Ronak and Muskaan’s fake relation looks real to everyone.

Ronak is happy with the drama. He threatens Sir ji of revealing truth to everyone. Gayatri and Dolly are excited for the newly weds. Dolly teases Muskaan. She asks Muskaan to go for the honeymoon and enjoy. Lovely argues with Ronak. Muskaan tries to stop him from spoiling relations with family. She lives the drama whole heartedly. She feels happy to get many relations in Ronak’s family. Ronak asks Sir ji to book the tickets for him and his wife. Sir ji gets speechless. He doesn’t want Ronak to get more attached with Muskaan.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Guddan plays cards in the Diwali party. Guddan wins at first. She then starts losing. She also bets on her Bahus, when she loses the cash. She troubles her Bahus. Guddan assures them that she will win them back. Durga asks Guddan will she make any new history by losing her Bahus in gambling. Guddan asks Durga not to worry, she will win them back. She shows that she is also greedy like them. She wants to teach them a lesson and put an end to their greed. Durga asks her will she do same mistake as in Mahabharat.

Guddan feels guilty by hearing their speech. The Bahus become servants in the man’s house. Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati ask Guddan not to make them servants. Guddan tells them that she will help them. She feels cheated by the couple. She gets Akshat to play the game. She asks Akshat to save her and the Bahus. Akshat continues the card game and saves his Bahus from the rich couple. He gets the game back in his favor. He rectifies Guddan’s mistake. The Bahus conspire against Guddan again.


Meera decides to visit a temple and pray for her relation. She believes that everything will get fine once she worships in the temple. She wants Vivaan and her life to get on track. Tulika creates obstacles for Meera again. Tulika acts like a good bahu in front of the family. She influences Meera to change her decision. Meera tells Tulika about the evil powers ruining Vivaan and her relation. She is determined to get rid of the black magic.


Kunal promises Nandini that he will just love her, the same way as he had promised Nandini. Kunal and Nandini turn into husband and wife, in the marriage ceremony conducted in private. Kunal has hurriedly married Nandini, after assuming that Mauli isn’t pregnant. He feels cheated by Mauli’s life. Kunal breaks his old relation. He gives Mauli’s share of happiness to Nandini. Kunal and Nandini romance.

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