Ishqbaaz: Rudra’s evil plan and a new entry next

Ishqbaaz: Rudra's evil plan and a new entry next

Ishqbaaz: Rudra’s evil plan and a new entry next… Shivay gets scared of darkness once again in his office cabin. The door gets locked by mistake. He gets worried. Omkara comes on right time and manages the situation. He wants some answers regarding Shivay’s mental state. Shivay prefers to keep numb and covers up his depression to the extent he can. He doesn’t want to express his pain to his loved ones. Later on, Shivay shocks Anika with the divorce papers. Anika gets heartbroken when the Karwachauth gift brings the divorce twist out. Anika refuses to divorce Shivay. He gets more stubborn than him. He wants to distance her at any cost.

Shivay welcomes Dadi back in the house. Dadi blesses everyone except Shivay. She tells him that he died for her when she lost her elder son Tej. She says if my grandson was alive, he would have not raised hand on his brothers. Dadi reprimands Shivay for the fight incident. She tells him that she was much disappointed seeing the news.

Ishqbaaz: Rudra’s evil plan and a new entry next

She gets upset with him. Anika asks Dadi to give some time to Shivay. Shivay stays strong. Meanwhile, Rudra makes an evil plot against Shivay. Rudra wants to take advantage of Shivay’s illness. He locks the bathroom and makes the ambience steamy. Shivay’s vision blurs. He gets suffocated. Rudra tries to break Shivay’s confidence by triggering his fears and pain. Shivay tries to get rid of his fears. Rudra wants to make Shivay mentally unstable. He creates instances when Shivay finds blood on his hands. Shivay washes his hands. The tap also gets red colored water.

Shivay gets shocked on reading a scary message on the mirror. He reads that he is the murderer of Tej Singh Oberoi and now Tej will be taking revenge on him. He can’t be enemy of his own family. Rudra plays this dirty trick to break down Shivay. Rudra doesn’t want the company to get back in Shivay’s hand. Shivay’s Nani will be entering the show. Nani will be bringing new twists. Even Pinky and Shakti’s past will be revealed. Nani and Dadi’s clashes will be seen.

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