Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa race to make a sacrifice

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita's hearty connect

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa race to make a sacrifice… Bhallas will be having celebrations once again. Bhallas and Rohan’s family spend memorable moments. They meet for the family dinner. The men become the chef. They make horrible food. Rohan suggests them to order some food. Everyone wants to make it memorable for Kaushalya. They sing and play Anktakshari. Everyone enjoys the family time. Raman looks for the car keys. Mr. Bhalla tells him that Ishita has taken the car. The lights go off suddenly. Raman asks him why did Ishita take his car. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita has gone to get the garlands. Raman tells him that he has urgent work, he will just come. Raman reaches Ishita.

Ishita fails to show the dead bodies to Raman. She opens the car trunk and asks him to check it. Raman asks her not to irritate him and let him take the garlands quickly for the function. He tells her that everyone is waiting for them. She tells them that Vijendra has framed him, he has dumped the dead bodied in his car.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa race to make a sacrifice

Raman doesn’t believe her. He asks her if she is out of her mind. She tells him that she has seen the goons performing his crime in front of her eyes. She asks Raman to check the trunk if he wants. She hears the police siren and quickly shuts the trunk. The police reaches there and tells Raman about the murder charges against him.

Before she could do anything, she gets arrested. She stops the police from arresting Raman. She asks Raman if he has done this. He says I didn’t kill anyone and I know even you didn’t do this. She knows the police won’t believe Ishita. She wants to save him. She takes the blame on him. Ishita sheds tears in the jail. She recollects her happy moments with family. She feels Raman responsible for everything. She wishes Raman trusted her and shared his tensions with her. She thinks if Raman had shares Vijendra’s matter, they would have got saved. Ishita had tried a lot to tell Vijendra’s truth to Raman.

Raman feels guilty. He reaches the police station and confesses that he has murdered Neelam and Kartik. He gets arrested. He asks inspector to leave Ishita. When Ishita is released, she learns that she isn’t bailed out, but released. She gets shocked knowing Raman has got himself arrested. She tries to lie to inspector again. Inspector gets troubled by Raman and Ishita, who take the blames all the while to save each other. Raman tells inspector that Ishita can’t commit any murder. He stops Ishita’s investigation. He doesn’t want his wife to get troubled. He says Ishita doesn’t have any murder motive, you have to believe me. Inspector throws Raman out. The family has no idea about Raman and Ishita’s huge trouble.

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