YRKKH: A line of shockers for Kartik-Naira

YRKKH: A line of shockers for Kartik-Naira

YRKKH: A line of shockers for Kartik-Naira.. Kartik and Naira give a warm welcome to Samarth in the family. Samarth tells Kartik that he has come to the family after a long time. He also wants to stay with them. He is sure that Akhilesh will lose the family soon. He wants to break Suhasini Dadi’s happy family. He aims to strike at their unity so that Dadi shatters. He knows Dadi used to boast a lot about her family’s values and unity. He wants to prove to Dadi that even her sons are no good. He uses Akhilesh in his plans. Samarth wants Akhilesh to get ousted, so that he can have Akhilesh on his side. Kartik and Naira want to stop the house division some how. Samarth throws a surprise for Goenkas.

He informs them about Akhilesh launching a new company for making his own future. Dadi feels Samarth has started his evil manipulation. She asks Manish to stop Samarth some how. She doesn’t think its Akhilesh’s mistake. She thinks Akhilesh has fallen in Samarth’s sugary trap. Akhilesh gets against Manish.

YRKKH: A line of shockers for Kartik-Naira

He tells Manish that he will no longer assist him in Goenka business. Akhilesh wants to lead his own business. He believes in his talents. He tells Manish that he wants to secure his sons’ future. He also mentions how Kartik and Naira asked for their stake. Kartik tells Akhilesh that he has asked for his share just to buy some time. He tries to put some sense in Akhilesh’s mind. He feels Akhilesh is distancing himself a lot. He warns Akhilesh against leaving the family.

He tells Akhilesh and Surekha that if they get so away from the family, the times will come when they won’t have anyone to support them. He asks Akhilesh not to follow Samarth’s footsteps. He wants Akhilesh and Manish to be together like before. Kartik and Naira realize Samarth’s evil intentions. They decide to throw out Samarth from their family.

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