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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers on Telly Reviews…. Ishqbaaz: Roop instigates Rudra against reviving Shivay’s fears. She is sure that Shivay is suppressing his fears. She tells Rudra that the fears are hidden in Shivay’s mind somewhere. She asks him to just trigger those fears again, so that Shivay breaks down. She tells Rudra that Shivay will become vulnerable mentally if they revive his fears. She asks him to snatch everything from Shivay once the bad past surrounds Shivay again. Shivay gets scared when he sees red water running from the taps. He gets huge shock on reading the revenge message on the mirror.

Shivay still manages to cover up his trauma. He gets happily surprised when Dadi comes back home. He wants Dadi to accept him. Dadi calls him Tej’s murderer. She doesn’t accept Shivay. Omkara gets sympathizing for Shivay. Rudra wants to take revenge on Shivay.

Internet Wala Love:

Jai throws a party to expose Samrat and to stop his marriage with Aadhya. Rajat and Virat make Samrat drink in the party. Jai opens the champagne bottle. Samrat dances with the dancer and gets closer to her. Dadu, Dadi and others come there. Dadu slaps Samrat. Samrat says Jai made me drink wine forcibly. Aadhya looks at Jai. Samrat blames Jai for trying to break Aadhya and his alliance.

Ranvir threatens Rupesh and Kanchal and tells that he will kill Ishika if they tell his truth to Roop or Ishika. Ishika’s parents get worried for her life as Ranvir’s Pandit has tied bomb on Ishika’s hand. Roop suspects about their behavior and thinks they are tensed and worried. While Ishika is doing puja before her marriage, Kanchal gets quiet and tensed. Ranvir’s aide asks Kanchan to smile and do all the rasam, else she will kill her. Pandit asks Ishika to go and get ready for marriage. There is a MahaEpisode of Roop in which Ranvir aims gun at Roop after the latter figures out Ranvir’s deadly plan.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep gets the news of Vasundara’s kidnapping. He tries to find her. He seeks help from Police. He doesn’t let Abhimanyu go out of the house. Abhimanyu wants to alert Aarohi. Deep tells him that nobody will do till police investigations are done. He asks Tara to answer the questions, she shouldn’t be scared if she didn’t do anything. He asks Abhimanyu about Manpreet. He finds Vasundara at the temple. He asks her who has kidnapped her. Vasundara tells him that she fell unconscious and doesn’t remember anything.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Mr. Dholakia asks Naina to punish Karthik for misbehaving with her. Naina gives him a chance to mend his ways and follow the right path. She asks him not to try to misbehave with any girl. She thinks about their situation when others taunt her. Mr. Dholakia praises Naina. Karthik gets upset. Sameer gives rose to Naina. Naina accepts it. They ride on his bike.


Saaya searches for Soumya on the road after seeing rose on the wall. Lavneet plans to take Harman out of India and hires a goon. She thinks nobody will know who had killed Raavi and who has kidnapped Harman. Sameer’s mum and Soumya find Raavi injured badly on road and take her to hospital. Lavneet acts in front of Harak Singh and tells that she is worried for both Harman and Raavi. Soumya comes there and tells that Raavi is admitted in the hospital. She asks Lavneet where is Jolly? Lavneet gets shocked. Preeto tells Soumya that Harman went to bring Gulabo as the ring couldn’t fit in Lavneet’s finger. Harak Singh rushes to see Raavi. Lavneet plans to make sure that Raavi dies, and goes to hospital with an evil intention.


Salim’s grandma learns the news of Salim and Anarkali’s love story blooming. She doesn’t want Salim to ruin the reputation of Moghal empire this way. She instructs her loyal guard to keep an eye on Anarkali. She learns about Anarkali’s outing with Salim. She instructs Abul Fazal to kill Anarkali to stop the destruction of Moghal Empire.

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