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Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep and Tara get a shock knowing about Bindiya’s murder. Tara is stressed about Virat’s kidnapping. She wonders what was Virat going to tell her in the Diwali party. She realizes that Virat has learnt something big and wanted to tell her. They can’t believe Bindiya’s murder. They get suspicious. They want to know who has killed Bindiya. They start finding the murderer. Deep asks Vasundara not to call police, he will find out the culprit and punish him. This news shocks Vasundara the most. She sheds tears. Aarohi watches them. She likes to see them in tension. Deep wants to know who is the mastermind.

Yeh Rishta: Dadi to slip into past guilt zone.. Karwachauth celebrations will be seen. Naira hides from Kartik to keep the fast. She secretly keeps the fast. Kartik doesn’t realize this secret. Kartik feels she is stressed about Akhilesh. Kartik doesn’t think that she can hide from him and keep the fast. Naira tells Kartik that they should focus on Samarth. They get busy in spying on Samarth. Naira is sure that Samarth will make some mistake if he is living in their family.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Everyone sings and dances together. Sikandar’s house gets lively once again. Tevar is happy with Kulfi. Tevar is content that he has a family now. Tevar and Kulfi are happy for Sikandar. Lovely has done wrong to play many manipulations. Sikandar doesn’t want to talk to Lovely because of her past mistakes, but he fakes happiness just for Amyra’s sake. Sikandar and Kulfi have an emotional moment. Sikandar is happy that Kulfi has accepted Tevar as her father and she isn’t annoyed with him now. Sikandar and Lovely prepare Amyra for the school.

Ishqbaaz: They happily celebrate Diwali. The brothers do the Diwali Maha aarti together. Its a nice sight for the family. Anika’s chunri catches fire during the puja. Shivay runs to save her. Shivay wants Anika to get away from him. But, he expresses his love by his concern once again. Anika wishes Shivay gets over his stubbornness. The brothers have an emotional Obro hug. Shivay makes sure that the family stays happy all the time. He wants to fill each moment with peace, happiness and glory. Shivay and Anika start the tradition of chinese lanterns. All the couples make a wish and fly the lanterns in the sky. The lovely pairings live their little moments of romance.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Mohini invites Prerna’s family for the Diwali party. Mohini decorates Laxmi idol. She shows off her richness to everyone. Some thieves attend the party in disguise. They want to steal the costly idol. Anurag cares a lot for Prerna. He doesn’t know if its their destiny that they come together. Navin doesn’t come for the aarti. Anurag and Prerna do the Diwali aarti together. Moloy feels like his dream is completing. Anurag gets suspicious about the waiters.

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