Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Happy moments for Raman-Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Happy moments for Raman-Ishita… Raman and Ishita prepare for their daughters’ ceremonies. The family enjoys with Aaliya and Ruhi’s bangle rasam. Everyone blesses the girls for their life’s new start. Raman and Ishita get emotional. The family sings and dances together in Punjabi style. Raman stays stressed and hides the fact that he has given the company to Sudha. He wants Ishita to be happy. He also enjoys the function to the most. The family leave for the hotel, where they meet Rohan’s family. Raman wants the arrangements to be done well. Elders ask Raman not to have any tensions. Rohan calls Raman and complains about the Pagdi problem. Rohan tells Raman that he can’t come with the baraat until he gets Pagdi tied.

Raman and Mani rush to help their would be sons-in-law. Raman tells Rohan that he is doing this so that the baraat reaches the hotel soon. Kaushalya gets glad that Raman is such a gentleman. Raman gets the baraat. He asks everyone to join the grooms and dance in the baraat. Kaushalya feels sick.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Happy moments for Raman-Ishita

Raman sends her to rest for a while. Everyone feels happy and welcomes the grooms for the marriage ceremonies. Kaushalya feels blessed to have terms with a good family. Mani and Shagun help everyone in the arrangements. Kaushalya feels her sons are lucky to get girls like gems. Aaliya and Ruhi reach the marriage mandap happily. Ishita looks for Mani. She learns that he has gone out. Mani and Shagun get away for work. Shagun gets confronting Ishita in anger. Shagun questions Ishita about her arrest and the murder blame on Raman. Kaushalya overhears them and angrily breaks off the alliances. This gets shocking for Ishita and Shagun. Sudha adds up problems for Bhallas. How will Ishita convince Kaushalya? Keep reading.

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