YRKKH: Suwarna decides to confront Dadi

YRKKH: Suwarna decides to confront Dadi

YRKKH: Suwarna decides to confront Dadi… Kartik and Naira get to see Samarth, who is attempting to hack Akhilesh’s laptop. Kartik gets angry on Samarth and goes on to confront him. Naira asks Kartik why is Samarth doing this. They reveal the password to Samarth. They ask Samarth to say the truth about his intentions. They don’t want to hear his silence. Kartik calls up Akhilesh to expose Samarth. Samarth gets really worried with Akhilesh comes there. Kartik and Naira reveal that Samarth was hacking his laptop. They ask Akhilesh to question Samarth. Akhilesh takes it very lightly.

He defends his brother, whom he trusts the most now. He tells them that he has asked Samarth to do so, since he forgot the new password. Samarth asks Akhilesh to forgive Kartik and Naira, who love him a lot. Akhilesh gets angry on them for interfering in his matters. He wants them to stay out of his life. Samarth instigates Akhilesh further.

YRKKH: Suwarna decides to confront Dadi

Akhilesh gets angry that Kartik is spying on Manish’s orders. The misunderstanding works in Samarth’s favor. Naira feels hungry. She goes to check Samarth’s room. Samarth and Akhilesh catch her red-handed. Kartik hopes that they didn’t catch Naira by now. Naira tells Kartik how she managed to cover up her move. Naira feigns memory loss. Akhilesh doesn’t tell anything to Naira, knowing her surgery side-effects. Akhilesh pities her mental condition. Kartik gets happy that Naira has handled everything so soon. Kartik compliments her. She tells him that she didn’t get anything in Samarth’s room.

He wants to spy on Samarth’s office. He is sure that he will get something in the office. Akhilesh’s matter tenses Dadi. Manish tells Dadi that Kartik and Naira are attempting to save the family from shattering. Dadi feels Samarth has come back to ruin them. She warns Manish that they are cursed by the past. She feels it was not Samarth’s mistake, but of his father. Manish asks Dadi not to let this secret come out ever. Suwarna gets suspicious about the secret. She decides to question Dadi regarding the past. Naira smartly avoids the food and medicines. She hides the fact that she is observing a fast. Naira seeks help from Lav and Kush to gain information about Samarth.

YRKKH: Suwarna decides to confront Dadi

Naira reaches the office and prepares to lie to Akhilesh. Kartik also tries finding about Samarth. Naira gets a clue in Samarth’s cabin. Naira falls unconscious while Samarth reaches there. Samarth spots Naira. He wonders if she is rally after his secret. Kartik tells the family that Naira didn’t tell him about her plans. Samarth gets Naira home safely. He tells them that he found Naira in their new office. This makes everyone surprised. Samarth questions Naira about her arrival to the office. Naira tells Samarth that she wanted to wish best luck to Akhilesh, but she collapsed. Akhilesh asks her to take care of her health first. Naira reveals about her fast to the family. Kartik helps Naira break her Karwachauth fast. Kartik and Naira get close to Samarth’s truth.

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