Bepannaah: Aditya gets close to hidden past bonds

Bepannaah: Crucial entry to reveal the hidden truth

Bepannaah: Aditya gets close to hidden past bonds… Aditya and Zoya’s romance goes on. Rajveer’s Nani sees the romantic set up. She gets suspicious. She reaches Aditya and Zoya, while they cutely romance. On the other hand, Noor falls in trouble. Arjun gets worried for her. He looks for Noor. Noor senses the bad intentions of the guys. She tries to run away. She faces a worst moment when the guys tries to molest her. Arjun becomes Noor’s savior in time. Rajveer’s Nani gets glad that her trip to Hooda house has finally reaped benefits. She learns about Aditya and Zoya’s togetherness. She asks Zoya if she finds herself too smart. Zoya gets back in to her draa to convince Nani. She realizes that Nani is already drunk.

She hopes that Nani forgets everything she has seen. Zoy asks Nani to always inform before coming. Rajveer’s Nani tells them that she has come just to catch the red-handed. She doesn’t want Aditya and his family to stay happy. Nani gets sharing the pain of her heart. Aditya and Zoya’s romantic time gets ruined. Nani forgets her revenge for sometime.

Bepannaah track

Aditya and Zoya care for her. Aditya wants to drop Nani back home safely. Zoya finds the hidden camera with Nani and steals it. Aditya can’t believe that their enemies are getting inside the house. Zoya doesn’t want their drama to get exposed. They worry that Nani will tell the truth to Rajveer.

Aditya decides to ensure that Nani doesn’t help Rajveer with the truth. Aditya and Zoya stay on toes. Aditya and Zoya’s fake fights continue. The couple prepares for Diwali celebrations. They realize that someone from the house is informing Rajveer and his Nani. They know they are being watched. They get arguing to show their enemy. Anjana gets troubled with their daily fights.

She insists Aditya to leave Zoya and marry Sanjana. Aditya meets Rajveer and his Nani to know the truth. Aditya plans such a meet that Rajveer doesn’t doubt on him. Aditya turns into an old man, and tells Rajveer that he is the house owner. Rajveer takes him home. Aditya tries to get information about the house. Will Aditya learn Rajveer’s real connection with Harsh Hooda and the revenge motives? Keep reading.

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