High Points in Muskaan and Jiji Maa

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Muskaan: Ronak gets caring towards Muskaan. Even though, he dislikes her for belonging to a brothel, he likes her as a person. He wants to know more about her and Aarti. Muskaan misses Aarti when she gets hurt. She finds a motherly figure in Gayatri. Muskaan spends her life’s most beautiful moments in Singh mansion. She knows that she has to leave from the house soon, but lives the most. On the other hand, Ronak starts falling in love with Muskaan. He protects her from all the problems, like a true life partner. Bua instructs Bunty to enquire about Muskaan at her college. Bunty reaches Ronak and Muskaan’s college to find out Muskaan’s family background.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara misleads Falguni. She tells Falguni that Piyali isn’t jealous of Karma and her marriage. She tells how Piyali’s anger has reached a peak and now Piyali is planning to accomplish her relation with Suyash.

She gives a hint to Falguni about Suyash and Piyali’s marriage consummation. Falguni can’t believe it. She knows Suyash is on her side, since he is aware of her drama. Uttara tells her that Piyali is already taken the move. Falguni gets crazy thinking about the relation forming between Suyash and Piyali. She strongly opposes it. Uttara plans to fail Falguni’s drama. Karma stops Falguni from revealing the fake marriage truth to Piyali. Piyali attempts to take revenge on Falguni, when Karma rejects her love. Uttara takes advantage of the sisters’ rivalry.

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