Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi shares a secret with Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi shares a secret with Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi shares a secret with Sikandar… Sikandar showers love on Kulfi and Amyra. He gifts Kulfi on Diwali. He asks Kulfi to respect Tevar’s sentiments and accept the gifts. Tevar pampers Kulfi with many gifts. Sikandar and Tevar gift beautiful anklets to their daughters. Sikandar also gets a gift for Lovely on the girls’ saying. Lovely doesn’t want Amyra and Kulfi’s friendship. She is also disturbed with Sikandar and Tevar’s bonding. Sikandar makes Lovely wear the ring when Amyra insists him. Lovely gets emotional and wishes the family always stay happy. Tevar turns jealous seeing Sikandar with Lovely. He walks out seeing them dancing.

Kulfi stops Tevar and dances with him. Sikandar likes Kulfi’s smiling face. They have some fun. Amyra knows Kulfi is happy with Tevar. She feels Kulfi will never come into her family. She wants to remain Kulfi’s friend, thinking Kulfi will never harm her. After the party, Sikandar gets crackers for the girls. Tevar tells Amyra that he will burst the crackers first. Tevar and Amyra have fun. Sikandar asks Kulfi didn’t she like the gifts. Kulfi tells him that she never felt so happy before. She shares a secret with Sikandar. She tells him that when she had dreamt of her father, she has always seen him as her father. Sikandar gets happy knowing it. They share a laughter.

She tells him that Amyra won’t like knowing this, so they should better keep this a secret. Sikandar agrees to her. Chadda throws a big party. He asks Sikandar to know about the card party organized at his own house. Sikandar feels like Chadda is deciding everything all alone. Chadda wants to target Tevar. Sikandar cooks food with his daughters. Kulfi sings and charms everyone. Everyone smiles when Kulfi is around. Kulfi tells Nimrat that she will study well and make a big name. Tevar compliments Kulfi. He gifts her bangles. Kulfi gets touched hi his wonderful gift. They share an emotional moment. Chadda provokes Tevar for the card game. He gets insulting Tevar, while Lovely worries for the situation getting worse.

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