Silsila: Kunal to fulfill Pari’s big wish

Silsila: Kunal to fulfill Pari's big wish

Silsila: Kunal to fulfill Pari’s big wish… Kunal and Pari talk to Nandini by expressing their feelings to God. Kunal is grateful that he got Pari back. He tells Pari that her mum is with the God now. Pari feels bad that she doesn’t have her mum along. Kunal gets emotional when Nandini’s absence isn’t filled in Pari’s life. He wishes Pari doesn’t miss Nandini too much that she sinks in sorrow. Pari cries for Nandini. She has seen how a mother loves a daughter, when she was at Mauli’s house. She tells Kunal that she also wished to have a mother like Mauli. Also, she knows that if Nandini was alive, she would have loved her a lot. Kunal consoles Pari. She wants her own family. Kunal gets speechless to answer her.

He tries to cheer her up. Pari has no memories of Nandini. Kunal asks Pari to talk to her mum, who is always with her. He tells Nandini that Pari is bold and brave. He feels proud that Pari is fearless. He tells Nandini that Pari didn’t fall scared when he didn’t go to the camp to pick her on time.

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Pari tells him how much he missed him and her mum. She tells him more about Mishti’s mum. Kunal loves Pari a lot. He feels hurt by her every tear. Kunal expresses his wish to meet Mishti’s mum. Pari gets singing praises about Mishti’s mum. Kunal is hopeful to meet Mishti’s mum.

He wants to thank Mauli for taking care of Pari so well. Also, he wants to know who is Mishti’s mum who made a place in Pari’s heart on the first meet itself. He tells Pari that he really liked Mishti’s values when he met her, and he can imagine her good mum, Pari and Mishti’s strong friendship reminds Kunal of Nandini and Mauli.

Meanwhile, Pari insists Kunal to take her to Mishti’s home. She makes a wish that she will be meeting Mishti’s family often. Kunal wants to be sure about them first. He agrees to Pari’s request, on seeing her longing to get a family. Kunal will be meeting Mauli. Pari will be bringing them together once again. Kunal and Mauli will be coming face to face during Diwali celebrations. Their past will be catching up again.

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