Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha-Kaushalya to oppose Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha-Kaushalya to oppose Bhallas… Shagun and Ishita have a heated argument. Kaushalya overhears them. She learns the entire truth of Ishita-Raman’s arrest for the murder charges. Kaushalya calls off the weddings in a fit of rage. Ishita tells her that the real culprit is caught and that’s why she got released from the lockup. Mani faces some taunts by the guests. He answers the guests and praises Ishita for being motherly figure for Aaliya. He is really proud of Ishita and Raman for always loving Aaliya like their own daughter. He ousts the troubling guests. Raman and Aaliya get glad when Mani defends Ishita. Meanwhile, Ishita tries to clear the misunderstanding in Kaushalya’s mind. Kaushalya doesn’t think that she can forgive such a big thing, since Ishita has hidden the matter when they are joining their relations.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha-Kaushalya to oppose Bhallas

She doesn’t want to ruin her sons’ lives. She stays adamant that the weddings will not take place. Kaushalya goes to the mandaps and stops the rituals. She tells Rohan and Karan that they won’t be marrying Bhallas’ daughters. She asks her sons to come with her. Rohan and Karan question her over the matter. Raman apologizes to Kaushalya. Everyone learns about Ishita’s arrest for the murder charge. They show belief in Ishita and Raman. Ishita tells them how Sudha and Vijendra have trapped Raman. Rohan and Karan believe Ishita. Kaushalya is upset since Ishita has lied to them. She doesn’t trust them anymore.

Rohan and Karan decide to support Bhallas, which irks Kaushalya further. Mani and Raman try hard to convince Kaushalya. Aaliya opposes Kaushalya, who isn’t respecting her parents. Ruhi also stands for the family. Ishita accepts the mistake for hiding the matter. She asks Kaushalya not to punish Aaliya and Ruhi this way. Sudha learns about the tensions in Bhalla family. She asks her aide to reveal the matter which Raman is hiding from them. Aaliya and Ruhi get angry on Kaushalya for disrespecting Raman and Ishita. Kaushalya gets angry on them for insulting her. Rohan and Karan support their would be in-laws.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha-Kaushalya to oppose Bhallas

They explain Kaushalya that Aaliya and Ruhi are taking a stand for their parents, which isn’t wrong. Kaushalya can’t believe this. Ishita requests her to build their relations of lifetime by letting the marriages happen. She asks her to better trust her sons. Rohan declares that he will marry Aaliya at any cost. Karan also supports Ruhi. Kaushalya learns another bigger secret. She stops the marriages and confronts Raman for hiding his bankruptcy. Raman has hidden the truth of giving away the company to Sudha. Sudha gets happy to make an entry in the function to create bigger rifts between the families. Sudha instigates Kaushalya further. A huge drama begins and delays the weddings.

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