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High Five Spoilers… Muskaan: Ronak plans his honeymoon with Muskaan, just to anger Sir ji. He wants his dad to speak up the truth. He wants justice for Gayatri. Ronak doesn’t care for anything. He tells Muskaan that he will not get back and get Sir ji punished for all his evil crimes. He romances Muskaan to further drag the drama. Sir ji gets helpless to have the food prepared by Muskaan. Muskaan succeeds in impressing everyone in her First Rasoi ritual. Gayatri gives some cash and jewelry to Muskaan. Sir ji tries hard to trap Gayatri in his words. He asks her to stop Ronak from going away. Gayatri asks him to bless Ronak and Muskaan for starting their new life. Sir ji criticizes the food. Ronak and Sir ji get into an argument. Bua scolds Ronak for arguing with his father. Ronak tells her that people’s deeds should be good than their words.


Chakor and Suraj take revenge on Bacha Pandey. Vikram worries for Bacha Pandey’s life-threatening state. Rajjo helps Chakor and Suraj in exposing Vikram. Bacha Pandey has seen Chakor with Rajjo. He has learnt that Chakor has entered the village to ruin Vikram. He tells Chakor and Rajjo that he will drag them to Vikram, so that Vikram punishes them. Chakor defends the attack. She fights with Bacha Pandey and goons. Bacha Pandey tries to tell Vikram about Chakor.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar’s health is improving, which brings a happiness in the family. Kabeer and Zara are happy to know Ruksar’s progress. Doctor shares the reports with them. Kabeer wants Ruksar to return home soon. Doctor tells them that its a good sign that Ruksar has fever, it means her body is responding to external factors. Kabeer wants to divorce Ruksar when she gets back to conscious. Kabeer plans to go to Mumbai with Zara. His big project gets approved by Shariah board. He tells Zara that they have to leave soon for the trip. He is happy to fulfill his dreams.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe falls in Matuk’s words and goes to the casino to multiply his money instantly. He wants to arrange funds for Krishna’s medical studies. Radhe doesn’t like to take the risk by taking short cuts. Matuk encourages him to play and bet on the money. Radhe unfortunately loses all the money. He asks Matuk to help him recover the money. Matuk apologizes to him and feels Radhe’s luck isn’t on his side. He tells Radhe that lost money can never be recovered. Radhe loses hopes. He gets into a fight with the casino bouncers. Radhe gets injured, while Krishna senses him in trouble.

Jiji Maa:

Piyali threatens of going to reveal the truth to Jayant. She wants to fulfill Karma’s request. She hopes that once she tells the truth and frees Suyash, Karma will accept her again. Piyali tells Uttara that Karma is back with her and now she will not lose her childhood love. Uttara tries her best to stop Piyali from making the confession. She reminds her hatred and revenge for Falguni.

Perfect Pati

Pushkar and Vidhita reach Mumbai for their honeymoon. Pushkar manages to keep troubling factors away. He doesn’t want Vidhita to know his truth. Pushkar plans a romantic night with Vidhi. Meera keeps a short dress for Vidhita in her bag without asking her. She wants Vidhita to get modern and enjoy on her honeymoon, away from family. Pushkar doesn’t like Vidhita’s modern avatar surprise. He hates girls who shed their shyness and wear short clothes. He used to keep Urvashi away since she wasn’t traditionally dressed.

He tells Vidhita that she won’t enter his heart if she changes herself by following others. Pushkar gets so upset and thinks wrong about her. He puts Vidhita in trouble while explaining her how such things invite bad sight. Vidhita gets chased by some goons. She shouts to Pushkar for help. Pushkar wants to teach her a lesson and gets psychotic again.

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