Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again

Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again

Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again… Shivay falls in trouble, but his brothers save him in time. Shivay escapes the accident. He gets grateful to his brothers. Rudra makes an apology to Shivay. Omkara gets happy that Rudra has finally changed towards Shivay. Bhavya finds Rudra emotional. She is happy that Rudra has realized his mistake. She tells him that she is liking his good change. She asks him to always remain the same. Oberois celebrate Diwali. Dadi and Nani make sure that everyone stays happy. Nani unwillingly hurts Anika. She asks Shivay and Twinkle to ignite the diya together. Anika feels she can’t witness this moment.

She doesn’t want to see Shivay giving her rights to someone else. Shivay can’t tolerate Anika’s sorrow, pain and tears. Anika’s dupatta catches fire. Shivay blows off the fire. They end up doing the puja together.

Diwali completes all the bonds, which stayed broken for a long time. Dadi gets happy seeing the family united again. Oberoi brothers fulfill the bond of unity one more time, which irks Roop the most. Roop reminds Rudra that Shivay has killed Tej. Rudra wants to just remember that Shivay gave him a new life. He doesn’t come in Roop’s words. Dadi and Nani begin a game of cards, which doubles the fun. They also sing and dance. Rudra gains courage to unite with Shivay like before. He cleans his heart for Shivay.

Shivay emotionally hugs him. They forget all their old differences. Dadi and Nani like the sight. Roop wants to separate them. Shivay and Anika’s tashan continues. Shivay wants to declare the end of relationship with Anika to the world. He tells Anika that he will announce his marriage with Twinkle very soon. Anika is sure that he is lying just for a purpose, and wants to test him this time.

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