Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking Tevar to face his doom

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking Tevar to face his doom

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking Tevar to face his doom… Tevar asks his helpers to look after Kulfi until he comes. Amyra hurries to light the crackers. She reaches Kulfi and asks for Tevar. Kulfi asks Amyra to light the crackers. She waits for Amyra and doesn’t light first. Their neighbor friend comes there to burn some crackers. The kids enjoy, while Sikandar and Tevar meet in the Diwali party. Lovely witnesses her dad’s plan working. She just wants Tevar away so that her happy family doesn’t break. Amyra gets scared of the crackers burnt by the other kid. Kulfi finds the pets disturbed. Chadda provokes Tevar to play the card game.

Tevar doesn’t want to lose more by believing them. Chadda fools him much. Sikandar also joins the game. He finds Tevar’s discomfort. Amyra and Kulfi make a team and oppose the other boy from troubling more. Chadda insults Tevar and defeats him in the game. He wants Tevar to lose it all and leave from their lives.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking Tevar to face his doom

Chadda’s game puts Sikandar and Tevar in a fix. Tevar gets angry on Chadda. Tevar makes a leave. Chadda is sure that Tevar will ruin himself by his ego. Sikandar scolds Tevar for playing the game for long and losing so much. He asks him not to play gambling again. Chadda wants to show Tevar his real place again. Sikandar and Tevar celebrate the festive without Lovely. They spend good time with the kids.

Kulfi tries to make new friends. Kulfi sings a song in her school so that the kids believe her and turn friends. Tevar gets stressed when he loses the singing assignments. Tevar wonders what’s happening. He has to settle scores with Chadda as well. Chadda assures Lovely that he will turn Tevar into a Zero again. Chadda and Batra start troubling Tevar by snatching the contracts from him. Chadda wants to begin Tevar’s bad time.

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