Udaan: Suraj-Chakor’s first victory over evil

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Udaan: Suraj-Chakor’s first victory over evil… Chakor and Suraj take revenge on Bacha Pandey. Vikram worries for Bacha Pandey’s life-threatening state. Rajjo helps Chakor and Suraj in exposing Vikram. Bacha Pandey has seen Chakor with Rajjo. He has learnt that Chakor has entered the village to ruin Vikram. He tells Chakor and Rajjo that he will drag them to Vikram, so that Vikram punishes them. Chakor defends the attack. She fights with Bacha Pandey and goons. Bacha Pandey tries to tell Vikram about Chakor.

Rajjo stops Bhawri from questioning Chakor. People gather to see Bacha Pandey. Vikram calms down Bacha Pandey and gives him an injection. He tells him that the medicine will cure him. Vikram doesn’t know that Chakor has changed the injections.

Bacha Pandey wants to stop Vikram from injecting the poison, since he knows Chakor’s plan. Bacha Pandey gets injected and dies. Vikram gets a big shock when his right hand dies. He wonders how did the injections change. Vikram loses a big support. Chakor and Suraj want to trouble Vikram more so that he begs them for death. They plan to target Vikram and Rajeshwari, and bring their evil truth out. Rajeshwari falls weak after Bacha Pandey’s demise. Vikram fears that his truth may come out. Bhawri interrogates the murder case.

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