TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming on Star Plus

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TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming on Star Plus… Jiji Maa: Uttara makes a plan and instigates Karma when Piyali reforms. Karma tells Falguni that he will never break their marriage. He lies that he has really married Falguni and will not free her. Suyash finds Falguni crying. He angrily tells her that he will kill Karma. Falguni wants to know why is Karma doing this. She understands that Uttara is behind this. She trusts Suyash completely and knows that the video shown to Karma is fake. Piyali tells Falguni that she didn’t make any relation with Suyash. Falguni is surprised seeing the romance video. Piyali suggests that they make a similar video and clear Karma’s misunderstanding.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar turns into Kulfi’s angel… Kulfi faces trouble in her school when everyone calls her a dirty girl and refuse to befriend her. This turns out to be a nightmare. She gets stressed about going to school. Tevar makes Kulfi ready. He is called for the important meeting. Tevar doesn’t want to rush for the meeting, since he has to go and drop Kulfi to the school.

Kulfi learns his problem and asks him to go for the meeting. Tevar agrees to her. Sikandar makes Amyra ready for the school. Tevar calls Sikandar for help. He asks Sikandar to drop Kulfi to the school. Sikandar asks Tevar to go for the meeting, he will take the girls. Lovely turns upset that Sikandar is going to pick Kulfi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins a new chapter of enmity.. Ishita wishes Aaliya and Ruhi stay happy and get much love from her in-laws. Kaushalya assures her that she will always keep her Bahus happy. Bhallas get emotional on the marriage completion. Pihu steals the shoes of Rohan and Karan. She asks them to pay her shagun to get it back. She doesn’t demand any money. She makes them promise that they will always keep her sisters happy. The family breaks into tears of happiness and emotions, when they bid farewell to Aaliya and Ruhi. Kaushalya asks Raman and Ishita to accompany her and forgive her for all the misunderstandings. Raman also apologizes to her. She tells them that she wants Aaliya and Ruhi to feel like home, they will be happy seeing the family.

Ishqbaaz Anika cleverly fails Shivay’s stubborn move… Anika tells the family about an old tradition. She asks them to write their hearty wishes on the chinese lanterns and fly it in the sky so that their wishes turn true. Dadi writes her wish on the lantern and then makes her grandsons fly it. The family gets into an emotional moment of togetherness again. Anika wishes Shivay always stays smiling when he is with her. Roop doesn’t like their smiling faces. She wants to separate everyone once again so that their happiness shatters. Shivay gets into a happy mood. He decides to cook food for everyone. He feels everyone will dine together since the family got together after Diwali. Rudra asks Shivay to make pancakes for him.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa race against time… Kartik and Naira give a tough competition to Samarth. Samarth tells them that he likes the people who don’t give up easily and keep trying to succeed, like him. He wants them to keep the fun high in the game. Kartik and Naira try to find out what is he planning. They check the balloons blown by Samarth to find out the secret plan. Akhilesh finds Kartik bursting the balloons and ruining the arrangements. He yells at Kartik and Naira. He asks them to stay away from such things. Samarth turns lucky when Akhilesh is with him. Kartik assures that he will decorate the place in a better away.


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