YRKKH: High octane drama and big twists lined

YRKKH: High octane drama and big twists lined

YRKKH: High octane drama and big twists lined… Samarth misleads Kartik and Naira that the trouble is coming up for Manish. Kartik gets aimed at saving Manish. Little does he know that Samarth has other plans in mind. Naksh and Kirti try to sort their differences. He makes an apology to her. He tells her that he has understood the matter really well when Suwarna explained him. She asks him to apologize to Kartik. Lav and Kush enjoy their birthday party and the gifts. They show their unity and try to teach Akhilesh too. Akhilesh blames Manish for having greed for power and money. He tells them that he has to make a move so that he doesn’t suffer because of Manish. Akhilesh feels Manish is wrong. He doesn’t realize his mistake.

Samarth waits for the police to come home and arrest Akhilesh. Kartik and Naira ask the kids to play a game with them, and find the balloons with the notes. Samarth worries that Kartik may find the balloons in which he has hidden the notes. He wants to get Akhilesh arrested for the bribe.

YRKKH: High octane drama and big twists lined

Kartik finally tracks the cash loaded balloons. Samarth doesn’t get any tension since his plan has worked already. He stays calm and peaceful. He knows his opponents’ strengths. He also knows how to defeat Kartik and Naira. Samarth tells them that the game won’t be fair, they have to buck up to win, but its tough as the rules are set by him this time. Manish and Akhilesh get a big shock when the police arrives with an arrest warrant. Dadi stays disturbed with the birthday cake.

She recollects the terrible past. Manish also realizes that someone is intentionally hurting Dadi’s feelings. He believes her that its Samarth who is behind everything. Manish feels there can’t be enough coincidences signing towards Samarth’s crimes. Police doubles the troubles for them.

YRKKH: High octane drama and big twists lined

They ask Akhilesh to come with them for interrogation regarding the bribe case. Akhilesh feels Manish is behind ruining his happiness. Kartik and Naira learn this shocking truth that Samarth’s plan was to target Akhilesh. Samarth stops Akhilesh’s arrest by acting great. He proves that Akhilesh isn’t corrupt. Akhilesh defends himself, and even Manish supports him. Samarth shows his sacrificing side and saves Akhilesh in time. He makes Manish a villain in Akhilesh’s eyes, so that Akhilesh hurries for the house division. Samarth admits that he has bribed the officer.

He surrenders himself. He tells Akhilesh that its important to save his reputation first. Akhilesh feels indebted to him. Samarth makes Akhilesh against Goenka family. Akhilesh falls in his trap. Samarth gets happy that Kartik and Naira couldn’t understand the damage done. Kartik fears for the family’s destruction. Akhilesh takes a big move and wants Goenkas out of his life.

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