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Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil and Vedika’s love will be seen again. Sahil expresses his true love for Vedika in front of everyone. He doesn’t want anyone to taunt Vedika. Vedika, Manjula and Arya are very happy with Sahil’s return. They were fearing for Sahil’s loss. His return doubles the happiness. Sahil wants to secure Vedika. Puneesh took advantage of Sahil’s absence. Puneesh takes over Agarwal business. Badi Amma scolds Puneesh. She gets drunk and creates a scene. She tells everyone that she has earned everything by her hardwork and all this belongs to Sahil. Badi Amma misses Sahil. The drama goes on in front of media. Sahil and Vedika come home when Puneesh humiliates Badi Amma. Sahil supports Badi Amma. Vedika too stands by his side.


Anarkali falls in new conspiracy. She gets caught by the goons in the jungle. The goons wants to know about Salim’s whereabouts. Anarkali doesn’t reveal anything even when her life falls in risk. Salim reaches to save Anarkali’s life. He fights the goons again and saves Anarkali.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Guddan can’t manage her responsibilities even when Akshat has challenged her to prove her deserving side. Guddan wants to outdo her clever bahus. Guddan loses the keys. She talks out her problems with a pigeon. Saraswati steals the keys and gets the impression. She makes fake keys to steal the assets. She wants to prove Guddan careless in front of Akshat. Guddan doesn’t realize that her bahus are plotting against her again. She stays in her own tension.

Soumya accepts Sameer’s decision again. Soumya compromises with Sameer only to save Harman’s life. Sameer decides to leave his family and take Soumya away so that Harman doesn’t come in their loves. Sameer understood the strong love of Harman and Soumya, but he feels his love is also competent. Sameer wants to keep Soumya with him on every cost. Sameer’s mum breaks down when her son leaves the house for Soumya’s sake.

Internet Wala Love:

Aadhya gets jealous knowing about Jai’s ex Aishwarya. Aadhya doesn’t want Jai and Aishwarya’s relation to form. Jai takes his ex for shopping and dinner. Aadhya gets angry on him. She chats with Jai to keep him away from Aishwarya. She tries to keep him occupied in chat. Jai replies to both the girls. Aadhya finds Aishwarya laughing on reading his messages. She wonders what’s happening and gets curious.

Aishwarya tells Aadhya about Jai and her past relationship. Aadhya is close to Jai now. She dislikes hearing about Jai’s past girlfriends. Aishwarya notices Aadhya’s jealousy. She feels Aadhya is in love with Jai. Aishwarya is Jai’s good friend and will play cupid for Jai and Aadhya’s love story. Aadhya will also realize her love for Jai. Jai meets Aadhya. He finds her upset. He tries to cheer her up. They get into a cute moment. Aadhya wants Jai’s attention when Aishwarya is around. Aadhya tries to express her rights on Jai. Aishwarya understands what’s brewing up.

Bhallas celebrate Diwali. Raman faces the financial difficulty. He fails to give the salary and Diwali bonus to his staff. He tells Ishita that this Diwali is dark for them, because of Sudha, who has made him so helpless. Sudha sends Ruhi and Aaliya to their Maayka. She doesn’t want her sons to keep their marriages. Raman tells Ishita that Sudha ruined Ruhi and Aaliya’s lives. He feels Sudha is playing with their emotions. He gets disheartened on seeing Ruhi and Aaliya home.

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