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YHM/Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha brings police home. Ishita faces Sudha’s conspiracy. She answers Sudha’s plotting in her own way. Sudha creates a big drama and gets NGO women. She blames her daughters-in-law for torturing her. She wants the women to punish Ruhi and Aaliya. She burns her own hand and frames the girls. She asks inspector to arrest Ruhi and Aaliya. Ishita saves her daughters. She exposes Sudha’s fake burns. She tells inspector that she knows Sudha’s true face and can never get tricked.

She gets Sudha arrested for defamation charges. She gives it back to Sudha. Ruhi and Aaliya get a big shock when Karan and Rohan send the divorce notice home. They also ask for 100 crores compensation. Raman gets too angry after seeing the divorce papers. He regrets to blindly trust Rohan and his family. Raman tells the family that he will kill Rohan and Karan. Ishita stops him from making any mistake in anger.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara-Kabeer’s relation revives…

Zara and Kabeer have returned home from Mumbai. She doesn’t want their work ethics issues to come in between their lovely relation. Zara romances Kabeer. They both bring surprises for each other. They recall the time spent together. They go down the memory lane and talk about their beautiful moments. Zara gets surprised seeing their reception pictures. She wants to start a new life with Kabeer. She lets him return to their room. She tells him that they can stay together now. They make new love vows. She welcomes Kabeer back in the room with rose petals. She shows the moon reflection in water to Kabeer.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara comes up with a new drama of leaving the family. She makes everyone emotional. Suyash falls in her trap again and stops her from leaving the house. Uttara challenges Falguni to keep the family united. She threatens of striking the family peace. Suyash falls in Uttara’s feet and begs her not to leave them. She hugs him and shows her influence on Suyash to Falguni.

Mariam Khan:

Mariam joins Fawad’s news channel and gets high ratings by her story. Fawad’s uncle praises Mariam for her commendable work. He tells Mariam that he could never imagine how she had turned the story into such an interesting piece of work. He tells her about the viewers’ response. He asks her to keep up the good work. Fawad doesn’t like Mariam’s foolish story. Fawad and Mariam get into an argument. Mariam knows he can’t digest her success. Fawad wants to keep the standard of reporting. He believes in true journalism. He asks her not to make fun of journalism.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna to realize love… Navin and Madhuri plan to kill Ronita. They assume that Ronita is dead. Anurag saves Ronita and gets her home to expose Navin. Navin challenges Anurag to stop the marriage. Anurag and Prerna get into a moment when they play with flour in the kitchen. Navin and Prerna’s sangeet brings tension for Anurag. Prerna’s family comes to Basu house for the Sangeet. Navin and Madhuri welcome Sharma family. Madhuri praises Prerna’s beauty. She tells Prerna that she is looking forward to make her part of family. Mohini asks Prerna to feel lucky that she is getting a nice family, and a wonderful husband like Navin.

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