Bepannaah: Aditya-Zoya’s special destined meet

Bepannaah: Aditya-Zoya's special destined meet

Bepannaah: Aditya-Zoya’s special destined meet… Aditya takes care of Anjana well. He wishes Anjana to recover soon. He gets hopeful when she remembers the things. Aditya just has Anjana in his life. He makes sure that Anjana is safe. When Anjana falls in danger, Aditya feels guilty and blames himself for negligence. Aditya stays tensed about Anjana all the time. He cries out his pain. He wants to know about the girl who saved Anjana. He gets close to Zoya unknowingly. Aditya finds peace holding Zoya’s dupatta. Zoya takes her belongings from Aditya, without letting him know. She turns caring towards him like always. Meanwhile, Noor and Arjun meet once again. They had quit their love before for the sake of their families. Mili stays worried for Aditya and Anjana.

She is hopeful that Aditya loves her some day. She wants to become part of his life. She knows he is a gem at heart. She wishes Aditya starts living his life like before. Aditya tries to pay back to the person who saved Anjana’s life.

Aditya isn’t aware of Zoya. He gets absorbed in work. Aditya happens to spot Zoya. He finds his past knocking again. He regrets for their past. He doesn’t want to think of Zoya, who didn’t value his love. He meets with an accident and bashes up people in a fit of rage. Aditya gets arrested by police for the public fight. She stays curious to know about Zoya, even though he maintains that he hates Zoya. Aditya and Zoya come face to face.


Soumya doesn’t remember her past. Sameer takes advantage of this and tries to win her love. He treats her like his wife and gives her much respect. Soumya is also glad seeing his love, but somewhere she loves Harman, even when her memories aren’t with her. Sameer gives mangalsutra to Soumya and pleases her.

Sameer and Soumya stay together in their small house. She tells him that she will wear the mangalsutra after the marriage. He tells her that he knows that they aren’t married yet, but they have to marry some day soon, this dream will come true. He tells her that he has accepted her as his wife. Soumya misses Harman. She recollects Harman’s bitter words and also his love confession. She gets confused over accepting Harman’s love.

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Aadhya wishes Jai stays fine. She gets a bad nightmare about Jai. She relates to Jai’s accident. Jai comes to meet Aadhya. She thanks him for coming and ending her restlessness. Aadhya gets glad on seeing Jai fine. She breaks down and tells him how much worried she was for him. Roopa holds Aadhya responsible for the accident. Aadhya expresses her concern and feelings for Jai. They both care for each other’s wounds. Jai comforts her tension.

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